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Hey look arma 3 is on sale. It's 13.59 for a wheres wally/waldo game where wally/waldo has a gun and he is shooting you while you try to shoot back. Too real man. Too real.


Medal of Honor Pacific Assault for free on Origin.



Beginning of Hitman for free(Steam, PS4, XONE):


So how do you get this to work??Click on the steam link and they want to charge $14.99..
Edit: oh have to wait another 30 minutes or so..


I'm sorry forgot to mention that it will be avaliable about 16:00 GMT (8:00 PST).


Hmm now I can't find it they only give you the option for the bundle.Will check later..Got stuff to do..

Support "There'll be a "download demo" button added to the Steam page in a few hours. Standby.


I usually get all free stuff but it seemed like such a pain in the *** to get this I am not going to bother. Thanks for sharing though as others might want this.


It is just the demo(the first training mission) just click the download demo button on the right below the more info button..


There was a bug on steam but the button is there now.
Actually 2 missions, 2 contracts in escalation mode, 40 challanges and 17 achievments to complete.


So it is just the demo?? Or is there some new button because if is I am not seeing it..


Yes it's demo, but the button wasn't there due to the bug. Didn't I write "Beginning of Hitman"?


Well the demo doesn't say Begining of Hitman it just says download demo, also when you put in hitman demo in the search it still calls it Hitman demo..I was just double checking..


Killing Floor is free for a limited time from Humble Store...
46 hours left at the time of writing...


Here are some stuff from the steam summer sale under 5€...


This is a steal at this price. Ratings for this both on GMG and Steam are excellent and I have played this myself before and definitely recommend it.


Overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam. A very interesting game in that you experience co-op play in single player play. $1.35 is the cost.

As for this last one it's nice to see this series give us a different view to play from. $1.70 for this game.


Prison Architect 75% off for the next 3 days...

I will never stop recommending this one... Hand of Fate 66% off

Aaaaand the entire S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is 75% off and I am very tempted to get it...



1$ for Strider and DMC...


Jotun for free from GOG until the 17th. Probably to promote Sundered.