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OK, how am I supposed to save money for a PC upgrade?

American Truck Sim is just 10$ (8.39 Euro) in a bundle with like a billion other games…


LOL @psycho_666

Best of luck. : )


They have waited for me, dude… They waited…
I bought Tracks - the train set game… And literally couple hours later they put this bundle up. Now I want that bundle as well… If the bundle was up yesterday I would have gotten it and not the tracks… Now I must have both… God damn it :smiley:


Arma 3 is 13 bucks until September 7th!


Maybe you should temporarily unsubscribe from the Humble email newsletter if complusive game spending is a problem you are dealing with.


Not at all… It’s just I really want American Truck Simulator… And there is also Vermintide, that I wanted to try out for a while…
It’s just too many games I want are currently on sale or have nice prices.


My favorite Total War game - the original Medieval is some 1,99…


$4.68 Canadian and on their Facebook page I believe you can get a code for another 5% off. Also with purchase you get points and well if you already have some this is going to be even cheaper for you. The points are accumulated and shown on the website.


“Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine” free if you add to steam library, sorry i forgot to mention mirage arcane warfare the other day




An early access game that looks darn good to start and is at a price of only $16.99 Canadian. For parents out there who are looking for something safe for their kids to play I think this is a good investment. Also the developer behind this game clearly is responding to any issues people are having which are few with the one I saw being a guy who didn’t meet the minimum requirements to play the game. Now unfortunately I can’t put money to this right now but it deserves people’s money.


Star Wars Battlefront season pass is free right now.

Also the game Steamworld Dig is free.


Psychonauts free for a limited time on humblebundle


Free for 40+ more hours!


Free for a limited time!


OG fallout free till the 30th edit it takes you to the bundle for some reason


Hmm that is weird…


Got my copy. Will enjoy playing this in the future when I decide to touch my backlog.\

Also, essential patch for the game.


I should add this to my library… I still have the install discs but no drive to read them anymore :joy:


High discount on witcher series