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Game promo and discount deals



Not sure I like Humble anymore since they are now owned by IGN, but still, free game is a free game.


Saw this on r/pcmasterrace
looks like a pricing error, but you get a steam Link for $10


That’s “give it a whirl for the hell of it” pricing right tharr.


I got this for free. IDK how, but now it gives me price, but you may be able to get it free as well…


If you go to the gog home page there is a banner on top that you can click and get it for free. The offer last for the next 40hrs.


Free for the next 40 something hours…

Still dislike the IGN merger, but free shit is still free shit…


Halloween video game sales are live for steam, gog, and humble bundle.


Paradox Halloween sale with a lot of games at like 50 - 75 % off:


Watch Dogs is free from November 7 - November 13


If you never played Disciples II - PLAY DISCIPLES II…


Grey Goo Definitive Edition and others

I’ve played epistory and it’s not half bad!


Get Syberia for free for the next 24 hrs.




Humble Store giving away Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition for a limited time.


BrUtal Legend free for the next 40 something hours…


MDK for free:


40 something hours free…


$1.01 for 5 books that seems like a good deal tho.


Next 46 hours free…

The Bureau - Xcom Declassified