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Game promo and discount deals



Free for next 48h…

And 4€ for the next God knows how long.


Winter sale is up on GOG…
On top of that there is Grim Fandango Remastered Giveaway.
On the main page there is a button to just claim the free copy.


And they have loot stars! I mean Mystery Stars! :grimacing:


Yeah, they do… Random game for some 2,50 Euro…


God damn it, Humble, you make it very difficult for me to dislike you with all those free games…
Company Of Heroes 2…


Welcome to PC Gaming where you can be in penury yet own more games than you will ever have time to play.


The bad thing is I keep piling them up…
I am considering the Vegas bundle for 20$, I am thinking about Okami for 20$ and I haven’t yet started Hand Of Fate 2 and GoG have it’s winter sale and there are so many games I haven’t tried yet…
But I keep piling them up just in case I one day decide to play anything…


You are living under your own fallacy. For me, I’m just tired of buying games and need to play the ones I have. I will only buy a game if it is free or uber cheap ($1 Humble Bundle).


Yes and no…
In the last month alone I got 4 or 5 free games. 2 of them in the last 3 days.
I got Hand Of Fate 2 because Hand Of Fate 1 is in my top10 favorite games ever made ever, so I wouldn’t miss the second one.
Okami I will buy sooner or later. I always wanted to play Okami, Bayonetta, Journey and a couple others…


The graphics on that game look awesome!


Here is a free Steam key to the game since I already owned it but I redeemed the soundtrack key. The redemption deadline is January 3rd, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific for these keys.



I haven’t grabbed it, probably will as I do like good point-and-clicks, but Oxenfree is… free…


Sweet. Glad I never bought it from Humble Bundle.





I have 1 free Quake Champions key.

PM me if you want it. first come first served.

the key has been claimed.


Would you guys be interested in my Cuphead giveaway? Its for my stream group, so I wanna ask before posting, as not to completely break the rules.




Don’t mind at all.


Was kinda hoping OP would respond, or a mod. Well, I guess if it’s rule-breaking this post will just get canned. The link for our giveaway is:

Thanks ahead/Sorry ahead if this shouldn’t be here.