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I only own one Sailor pen, it's a highace neo and it's complete crap. So damn scratchy you could probably use it score glass. And yes I also follow SBREBrown




I prefer pen habit tbh but he is good nonetheless


Anybody have any favorite inks?

I've been enjoying GvFC Stone Grey and Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-kai recently. I also acquired some Franklin Christoph inks and they are surprisingly decent.


Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku, Tsuki-Yo and Kon Peki

Also Organics Studio Manganese - but the maker has quit making any inks for now (probably permenantly)


Iroshizuku Take-sumi and Tsuyu-kusa and Diamine Majestic Blue


Three responses and six different Iroshizuku inks named. That's actually kinda amusing.

I'll add Syo-ro for number seven. Used it to test something out, forgot how much I like teal.


So there is a new Visconti Pininfarina, it looks really nice


Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful thickness.


Going to be testing out an ink from a brand I've never used before. Reviews make it look nice.


Been watching this thread been fun and informative.

Because of the environment I work in a space pen is best.

But for Home I am considering a fountain pen for my desk.


Currently been using my Karas Kustoms Ink for a couple of weeks, early xmas prezzy from wife. Starting to get a nice patina on the copper. I'm liking how it's developing, feels like a manly pen.
I'm not sure how to change pic size, Instafood link below has some pics too.
New photo by Nigel Swan (Snott)

New photo by Nigel Swan (Snott)

And this is how it came, all shiny and new.
New photo by Nigel Swan (Snott)

Pics of these and other Bullet Journal stuff can be found on my Instafood. Among other things.


Yes Discourse, I do want to revive this topic.


Welp, dropped one of my pens this morning. Nib's still in good shape, but it's practically a fire hose now.

So wet.


What's a good first buy?


I'd go for a Pilot Metropolitan (Pilot MR in some markets). Cheap(ish), good quality, and writes well. Doesn't have the largest selection of colors of ink cartridges however.

Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens has a video on good beginner pens:


I like the red or green marble. Own about 4 of these now. They're great cheap pens with pretty nice steel nibs for so cheap.


I ended up with a Faber Castell Loom. It's excellent.


Nice. I've never actually used one, but I've heard Faber Castell nibs are top notch. Tried out any fun inks yet?


Waterman inspired blue. It's a really nice colour.
I need to see if i can get some samples or something of others.