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Current daily is a moderately well used Levenger L Tech 3.0 with a fine Franklin-Christoph SIG nib using GvFC Stone Grey. Paper is Maruman Mnemosyne.

Not at home so I can't show the other ones :(

If anybody wants some ink samples please send me a PM. I have plenty to go around.


Thank you for your suggestion but my main reason that i don't use fountain pens is that I am left handed so when I write something my hand gets all in ink. As I said I have a cheap one and it is not as "wet" as those in the video and still i can't stand washing my hands after every session of writing so i don't have ink on my hands.

I should of included it in the first post. That's why I like regular pens.


Have you tried some quick drying ink, especially on some more absorbent paper? Noodler makes some inks that dry in a heartbeat, and some more absorbent paper will assure that it dries even quicker.


I have not. I did try a more absorbent paper but that didn't do the trick for me. Even though it did reduce greatly the amount of ink on my hands, any hesitation in my mind resulted in a blob of ink.
Could not find quick drying ink in my country for cheap ( I don't know the prices around the world( mainly China ) but I thought 40 bucks for 50 or so ml of ink is not worth it.


You could also try to find the finest nib you can, EF nibs can write pretty dry. I know that Platinum makes an Ultra Extra Fine for their #3776 Century, I bet that one is pretty dry


So I just discovered the Pilot Metropolitan now comes in a stub


I love fountain pens! I use a Parker as my daily driver, and have a couple of Sheaffer's and Mont Blanc that my dad handed down to me, My most prized possession is a palladium plated, gold trimmed Sheaffer's Legacy Heritage that was handed down from my grandfather to my mom, and I got it after I got doctorate! It's an absolute joy to use it, but it usually stays cleaned and vacuum sealed! ;-)

The price of these things make them impractical for everyday usage though... It's an heirloom, that's all.


Absolutely gorgeous pens, I really like me some Sheaffer, too bad I only have 2 pens from them: a VFM and an antique Triumph Statesman (1930s-ish make, I used to have in narrowed down, '38 I think). Still fills but I think at some point I may send out to be restored

A less potato photo of this model of pen can be found here (man I wish I had a body like that one)

And as far as expensive EDC I do carry literally $300 in pens (which isn't a lot but it sure makes my parents cringe) :P


If you can have them restored, do so! There's something to be said for things that you can't just throw money at and pick off a shelf!

Unfortunately, penmanship is a dying art! And fountain pens are not meant for monkeys... I hardly see anyone use a pen in the university these days. And some of the papers I mark, one would think a drunk baboon with a broken arm did the writing! I wonder if the increased use of typing is related to the deteriorating quality of handwriting? I think so... writing using your fingers requires much more fluid movements than hitting keys on a board!


Almost forgot to get pictures.

From left to right,

  • Levenger L-tech 3.0 as mentioned above
  • Pilot Metropolitan, Fine
  • Pilot Metropolitan, Medium
  • Pilot Metropolitan, Italic/stub
  • Pilot Prera Iro-ai, Medium
  • Pilot Prera Iro-ai, Italic
  • Noodler's Konrad, Fine
  • Noodler's Ahab, 1.5mm stub
  • Pilot Prera, ???
  • Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Ember Fall 2016 SE, Medium
  • TWSBI Eco, Broad
  • Lamy Al-Star, Fine
  • Pilot Parallel, 3.8mm
  • Platinum Preppy, Highlighter

I also got some ink,

Click here for all of my ink.

I ought to start a [WTS] thread for some of this.


There's actually been a study that links writing notes by hand to better retention of knowledge, compared to taking notes on a computer.

I think a good portion of the problem with people's handwriting nowadays is that it simply isn't taught anymore, at the very least it isn't in America. I learned the basics in Kindergarten and first grade, but after that there was nothing. The teachers I know say they can't teach handwriting anymore because admin (vis a vis bitchy parents) won't allow it because "Why would they need to learn proper handwriting, everything is moving towards digital!"


I agree! Education, public education at least, has been systematically ruined in the United States in an effort to create obedient laborers instead of creative minds!


Got to love that inlaid nib


So what about paper? Anyone got opinions?

Out of all the paper I've tried; Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Black n Red (Oxford Optik for you's in Europe), I fucking love the Optik paper, buy it by the truckload (70 letter size sheets for $5 on Amazon). This paper is 24lb, coated but is not a glass surface, it has a tiny bit of tooth that, at least for me, gives the feeling that you are using paper and not a Note with an S pen.

They also look very classy


All of my notebooks are Maruman Mnemosyne. Slightly toothier than something like Clairefontaine, but I like the extra feedback. It's also slightly off-white, which I find easier to read compared to the almost blueish-white of Clairefontaine.

I wish Tomoe River came in a heavier weight. Writes really nice and isn't super expensive, but it ghosts like a mofo.


I usually don't buy these things from corporations that mass manufacture. My source for these things is Etsy, where you buy directly from people around the world, who usually handcraft or manufacture in small cottage industries. I would rather give my money to and support individual craftsmen, than pay a faceless corporation. These are the notebooks I currently have, and I got them all on Etsy.


Anybody follow SBREBrown? He uploaded a whole slew of videos yesterday on the different nibs Sailor offers. I've never owned any Sailor pen, but some of the nibs seem quite interesting.


Who doesn't follow that guy lol


A Lamy 2000 EF is my 'workhorse' pen, but sometimes I do carry others.

Also own

Eversharp Skyline (1940's) super flexy nib
Esterbrook dollar pen with 9550 nib
Sailor 1911 H-MF
Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral M
Noodlers Ahab and Nib Creeper


One of the few times I've poked through FPN I came across some people just slamming him for whatever reason. Don't remember what it was about.

Probably the same people that lose their shit over Goulet's packaging actually being good. They were claiming that they would never order from Goulet ever because they package too well. That was a fun thread to read.