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Any fountain pen users on this forum on this forum? I feel that maybe if there are any FP users on this forum, maybe we could have an off topic thread to discuss FPs.

Lets start with a sound off: what are your daily carry?

Mine is a Lamy 2000 and a Pilot Vanishing Point


[WTS] Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen Accessories


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I swear by fountain pens, my daily carry is normally one or two Parker Vectors. Nothing special bur I can't afford a beautiful pen on a student budget. I have a blue pen with black ink, and a black pen with blue ink (don't ask why its that way round).

oh, plus a Parker Frontier, it's not actually as nice as my other pens, but it looks better when I wear a suit.

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Currently most used is my newish Waterman Carene

Also about 4 jinhao x450s
Next pen will probably be a Diplomat Excellence or a Lamy 2000



I highly recommend the Lamy 2000



The fibreglass always looks weird in photos
I don't have a piston filler pen yet though so that should be nice



Any Lamy pen is my personal enemy since Secondary school. Everyone was expected to carry a pen and the vast majority carried Parkers, So it was quite easy to pass around spare cartridges, but there was always one guy with a Lamy



Visconti Rembrandt with Aurora Black Ink.



Oh yea
Main ink is just the waterman intense black
I really love the way the bottle has been shaped so that you can tilt it once its half empty though
Great touch when you don't use an ink well.



Aurora black is very good, I like how dark it is and it doesn't make you nib broader like Noodler's Heart of Darkness

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I used to use the cheap Tesco fountain pens in primary school. They wouldn't let us use ballpoint pens, only handwriting pens and fountain pens.

Even for people who have atrocious handwriting, it improves ten times over because it forces you to keep the pen held a certain way.



I find FPs make you more conscious of how you write and how much ink you lay down especially on lower quality paper (<20lbs/70gsm) which makes you write better to avoid laying too much ink

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Pilot Kakuno. There's something about it that I really like.

Waiting on a TWSBI Eco, that will my first piston filler.

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I have one, don't even know how to put ink in it. I like the flow of those ballpoint pens tho back in the day for like $2.50 to 5 bucks







lmao I'm so interested now this is amazing!

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I do the Bullet Journal thing.

As in, I make lists so I don't forget shit. Which also got me interested in fountain pens, of which I got a couple for myself and SWMBO; Pilot Metropolitans in Medium and Fine. I like both, and have used daily for over 2 years with Iroshizuku Ku-jaku (turquoise) ink.Cheap pens and write pretty nicely really (though I don't have anything to compare with).

SWMBO is mega outdoing me on brownie points at the moment, she has ordered me a Karas Kustoms Ink in Copper for Xmas, with Fine Black nib just like I wanted - and hadn't told her at the time, I guess she just knows me... Copper is twice the price of the anodised aluminium ones and really isn't a priority for us right now so I'm pretty stoked :-D
Plan on it being daily carry and letting it wear and patina naturally.

Good to see other FP folks here too.



Step up your game, make the switch now!

About the fountain pens I have one which I use from time to time, like once a month it's a no brand one and while it does write really nice a single Schneider is better.

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No but seriously if you do want to get into fountain pens for cheap