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The waterman inks are nice, and affordable.
They're quite wet but I like that.
Their green and red are also very nice (and on amazon prime)


I used food coloring as ink.

It doesn't work the best.

But I'm cheap :D


I can send you some if you want. I have more ink than I know what to do with after all.


Why not just use blood :P even cheaper lol.

Does food colouring actually work?


It works. But not on all papers. And the paper that it does work on, like normal notebook paper, the ink does not show vibrantly. And the food coloring fades after awhile.

It also has a chance to clog the pen. Which could be solved by easily cleaning it.

But what's cool about food coloring, is that the paper absorbs it really quick. And its cheap.


I really would not recommend food coloring as ink, it doesn't last on paper and can grow mold. Honestly if you want cheap ink just get some Parker Quink or Sheaffer Skrip, they are like $10 for 50mL, and they won't fade rapidly like food coloring would


That is cheap


While not the best performing inks in the world they should certainly be better than food coloring


the parker is sub £5 for the black and its really not all that bad



Anything interesting from anyone recently?


Recently a friend of mine gave me 3 sample’s of Diamine Shimmertastic. I really need to load them into a pen to try out.

I think I’ll use my Jinhao 159 to try it.

Also thinking of getting a Namiki Falcon for my birthday this month


I had to switch to ballpoints and pencil in May because of my last job, but now that I should be in an office I’ll probably bring out my pens again. I’m still tempted by the Caran D’ache fountain pen because it’s pretty sleek looking. Although I still kinda want to thin the herd more.


I’m pretty much forced to use pencils at my work and school but I still use FPs at home exclusively (unless the paper is fucking 18lb shit printer paper).

But you can get very nice pencils. I own both a Pilot S20 and a Rotring 800+ which are both absolutely amazing mechanical pencils (the wood body of the S20 gives a great texture to the touch and the Rotring has a solid aluminum body which should last a lifetime)


My pencils are decent, a Uni Kuru Toga Roulette for general work and for drafting I have a Staedtler Mars Technico 780 and Staedtler 925-35. The latter two are technically “lead holders”, but they’re pencils to me. I have lead until the end of time for the Uni because Amazon shipped a sleeve of retail packages instead of the actual single retail package I ordered.


And if anyone wants some fancy Japanese inks:


Fun times, I ended up with a box of 10 Preppy’s for the price of one from Amazon


That’s a nice looking M805



From Goulet, vote for a fan favourite ink sample set.



Fantastic vintage find at a thrift store: J. Herbin Pearl Chocolate (cost: $2)