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Devember 2021 - Quick Music Sampler

Quick Music Sampler

Problem: Finding new music requires me to listening to large chunks of songs I have little to no interest in, as well as scrubbing through songs looking for the hook/drop in the song. When creating a song playlist of new songs, these little bits of time searching really start to add up.

Solution: Create a music sampling app that automatically starts each song at the hook/drop of the song. The user then could click a button to add the song to a playlist or click a button for the next song. Clicking the next song button would also start the song at the first hook/drop of the song.

In short movies have trailers and books have summaries, hopefully this helps people find new toons even quicker.


  • Host: Linode
  • Golang
  • MySQL
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With a full time job and full time family, always looking for more time, am I right?

Update - features completed

  • User registration and login
  • Player control buttons
  • basic YouTube API call with Golang (this took me longer than I would like to admit)

Update - features complete

  • take YouTube playlist URL and save playlist to DB
  • Load playlist songs into YouTube iframe to play
    • Save buttons for saving hooks
    • Next button to progress to next song


  • Next to finish up playback of playlist starting at first hook
  • Create custom playlist button

Update - features complete

  • ability of users to add songs to their playlist
  • ability to open and save playlists in YouTube


  • Clean up codebase
  • Splash of CSS to make it look better than a VCR manual
  • Testing
  • Launch on Linode :smile:
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Finally live and on the web, well part of it anyway. A lot of work left.

Goal: Allow users to sample many new songs very quickly (music sampler)

When a playlist is played, each song starts at the first hook of the song to save the user’s time. I am using a very general usage of the word “hook” simply meaning an interesting part of the song. There are two other hooks the user may push to speed up the sampling of the song. If the user likes the song, they may click add to playlist and if not, they may click next for next song. The create playlist button outputs an anonymous YouTube playlist.

The address hasn’t propagated to all the DNS servers yet so you may have to use

I still have a lot of work to do but this has been fun. Let me know what you think and Happy Holidays to All!



  • Show written playlist of songs already added to user’s playlist
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