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Fallout 76 Anounced


This is the problem. You’re comparing the series to itself. In comparison to the rest of the triple A line-up, (The Witcher for example or even Bethesda’s own DOOM) the Fallout series is nothing short of a bug riddled mess that seems to be supported by a engine ready to break at any moment. Seriously, they’ve made enough money at this point (off re-releasing Skyrim so many times alone) they can afford to upgrade their shit.

Holding a company to sub-par standards is nothing short of burying your head in the ground.

Bethesda has joined the ranks of Ubisoft and EA in terms of quality and I choose to vote with my dollar. No way am I buying Fallout 76 if they continue at their current pace.


I play with ~80 mods on Fallout 4… other than some visual glitches in settlements where I deconstructed an object(s) I wasn’t supposed to be able to and like 2-3 quest bugs I had to fix manually… I have NO idea what you’re talking about with Fallout 4 being a bug-riddled mess.

Fallout 3 was an unplayable bug-ridden mess without a religious use of F5… it would crash to desktop every 15min-2 hours without warning… even on PS3, it would crash often… but I didn’t care cause I was so stoked to be in a first-person 3D world I had been waiting on for 10+ years. New Reno was much more stable but still had similar issues. Fallout 4 was solid, though. The fact you said that makes me think you already voted with your dollar and haven’t played it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Witchers were all good games… I played all the Witchers… once… I’m currently in my 6th reroll on Fallout 4… it would be getting up towards the 15 rerolls I had in Fallout 2 but doing everything takes much longer in Fallout 4 (and it’s possible to make one character basically able to do everything without the level cap, AND I haven’t had to wait 10+ years)… Fallout 4 is a much better game than Witcher 3… I SAID IT

Would it be awesome if Interplay still existed, had the franchise, and put the love into it that Fallout 2 had? Sure… could have been better… but I feel like I played that one… it’s called Wasteland 2, and it’s great… but it’s not a crossover FPS with heavy RPG elements, it’s just… updated Fallout 2 without the vault tech thumbs up guy…


Fallout 2 was legendarily buggy, huge game-breaking bugs in the critical path, bugs with the car trunk following you around, crazy stuff. Great game, but stable it was not.

I don’t remember Fallout 3 as being too bad, and Fallout 4 was perfectly fine in terms of code quality.


I think it was 64-bit processing that screwed up Fallout 3 if I remember… it wasn’t so bad on a legacy system


I only started on FO3, and it was really good, and FO:NV seemed better in most of the ways that tick the boxes I was after.

Story wise I still like FO3 with it’s clean water thing, although it seemed shorter (from memory).

Gameplay wise, my fave was FO:NV, as it really seemed to get the survival / necessities about right, and the weapon/armour conditioning added an edge to crafting, along with the custom ammo, which was novel, but worked for me.

FO4 however is the one I spent more time on, mostly as I got bogged down making settlements, where as the other two I just used modded player homes (thanks to DanTheGeek)


Tactics can be skipped…

but Fallout 1 and 2 are MUST plays…

They are slow combat, isometric RPGs to the truest of forms… based entirely on action point systems…

… but they are necessary plays that still hold up

you can get all 3 for $20

Try Fallout 1 first… it’s a weekend playthrough… Tactics you can skip if you like, but Fallout 2, bugs and all, is a top 5 game of all time


I would disagree with a couple things you said here, but most of all, the link…

first GOG have THE SALE and second - it’s not STEAM. Not always online… It’s yours. Download it, save it, share it, do whatever you want…


FO76 Q&A livestream starting soon™ just started.

Another video confirmed that mods will be a thing via private worlds, but they will not be available at launch.


Also, I don’t care about mods.


From the livestream:

  • Hunger, thirst, mutations
    • Rads cause mutations, are comparable to traits in the OG Fallout.
  • Weapons degrade again, and food rots
  • Extended crafting
  • A few different biomes (wetlands, mountains, swamp, forest, et cetera)
  • Little/no human NPCs?
    • Some sorta ghouls are the “raiders”. Ghouls with guns.
  • Native wildlife based on West Virginia creatures as well as folklore
  • New/different weather patterns, some important to gameplay
  • 24-ish people on each map
    • 4 people per team, something about 12v12 team deathmatch mode?
  • Cyclical end-game, you can use recreational nukes to change the map
    • Nukes make for high level areas
  • Will feature cosmetic microtransactions, will also be available to earn in-game
  • Plan to support with free updates over years
  • Quests and camps and stuff are tied to the player, not the map, so changing maps/servers won’t change the player character


This is a feature? :thinking:


It’s just info from the livestream. Nothing more, nothing less.


Yeah I know. I’m making fun of Bethesda, not you :slight_smile:




an inside the studio documentary was released today.


That documentary was actually what was shown during the livestream. Some normal brown-nosing by the talking heads and then a stream of the documentary followed by some small talk about Starfield.


Sooo 2014… I thought that was trendy back then… My guess is, E3 2021 - Bethesda releases their new Battle Royal game. Couple years after the trend have passed.


They mentioned a team deathmatch mode in the “documentary”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a battle royale mode sitting in the wings to be released as an update.

I mean it would be easy to fit into “game lore” too since they could use a rad storm to make the map shrink and have some BS about only being able to fit one person in a bunker or something.


No need. Just put them in the bunker and give them just one protection suit in a large room.


Meanwhile in Cyberpunk’s secret letter: