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Fallout 76 Anounced


Why should they care? That’s all they want. Lazy crappy games - full price on release day - job done…


Nah, because it seems the way for devs to part extra cash from us in games that we already paid full retail for.

Free to play games have a genuine need for loot boxes not to be denigrated


just see me to the door. my biggest gripe with games today is DLC does not matter if its in the form of loot crate, skin, map, quest, story, what have you. if you make a game develop things to add more polish to the game just add them to the damn game for free, more people will buy it. FHK paid DLC.


I don’t mind paid DLC, or seasons of actual story content, or extra maps.
It’s the cosmetics I care less about.

Also Fallout 4’s contraptions workshop is the only DLC I wouldn’t have paid for if I brought them separately, and the CC is a fake paid mods sham


if a dev cares enough to spend more time adding things to a game that is out great put it out for free attract a renewed interest in the game in general ( if said content is good) get more new customers. if not its better to spend the time on dev of another title if you want my money ( DLC is quickest way for me to go nope not gonna buy it if i cant experience it all for one price) will happily wait until all DLC is out and buy the complete game for 1 price and at the same price or less than launch. FHK DLC.


I think you have a fair point, waiting for what used to be the “game of the year edition” will all DLC, but I guess now means waiting for a Steam sale :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


im pretty excited! if its co-op then we should team up whenever the servers are stable :stuck_out_tongue:

you know how the first week of online multiplayer go


If it is a survival game the entire server will be one big party and everyone is invited…
Survival games are a trend from 2-3 years ago. I thought we moved on to hero shooters and currently to battle royal games. Why are we going back to crafting survival games I don’t know…


stop bitching and play the new COD or BFV. Bethesda has always released games that i can play for years. if they fuck up, im sure they will learn their lesson. there have been 4 iterations of an open world single player. im not going to jump off a bridge over this.


You are probably right.

Why? They are the same as the last ones… And the ones before that…


Lots of, ‘it is this’ or ‘it isn’t that’

At this point I have no idea what the heck F76 is, hopefully Fallout New Vegas with at least 2 player coop, maybe more if you can manually allow them into your game as other vault 76 survivors.

If they just drop random 100 people into your game/server… boy that’s going to suck!


Looks like it’s going to be more MMO style, online only, hosted on their own servers (for however long they deign to run them)
I didn’t see any allowances for offline play, though you appear to be able to solo if inclined


Well, they actually said it… Four years to come…


I didn’t catch the presentation.
Also haven’t tried ESO, might it be similar?


Yes it is online-only, and you can solo, but it might be like soloing in a MMO where you just do it to grind and can’t kill anything worthwhile.


I watched the E3 video on youtube by Bethesda, and I came away bummed out. Fallout, and Elder Scrolls, have achieved a remarkable longevity in playability because of modding. Now that Fallout76 will be online only, even for single player, a clear signal has been sent from Bethesda- Modding is Dead.
I don’t consider it modding when you buy content from Bethesda with an account, that is a microtransaction, with modders being subcontractors.
Now that they have decided to move away from what worked, I expect the replayability will be shot to hell. I predict that 6 months after release, this game will join all the other discount crap on Steam for $15. I know they will plan on releasing dlc for this game over an extended period of time, but it won’t help. Without single player offline, a chance to relax, explore, and build, this game will be dead in the water.
I also remember what happened with Bethesda’s cancelation of modding, I remember the backlash. Then just a short time later, they repackaged it as the “Creation Club”. They did lure over some modders with the hopes of getting paid for their work, but as for myself, if it wasn’t on the Nexus, I didn’t want it, just out of principle.
And just out of principle, I think Bethesda is going to disenfranchise millions of gamers. Older gamers, too, who can afford their nonesense action figures and all that hype garbage. They will bail, and they might not ever come back.
Another thing I noticed about the game was it did have a few new creatures. A few new guns. Missles and shit. But all of the base game is basically an exact port of Fallout4. So it isn’t like Bethesda has worked hard on this. All they did is what they have been doing, franchise up-recycling. Online co-op is cool. Alot of people can appreciate that. But when you get sick of being blown up by 10 year-olds in the middle of building your base, the novelty(or lack of novelty), will grow thin.
And since single player is online only, if you have a funny internet connection, especially when ISP’s will be wreaking all kinds of havok and fractioning thier services soon, you will just be shit out of luck, and out of the $150 you probably dropped on the game+dlc.
This also doesn’t bode well for the Elder Scrolls VI. If they get away with this, they will reach for more. And even if Fallout76 tanks, they will still reach for more to make up for it. At the fine old age of 46, my gaming days may be sunsetting. It’s friggin" sad. What excuse am I going to have to save my sheckles for a $4,000 pc now?


After re-reading my earlier post, I realize I threw a hardcore gamer bitch-fit:) Apologies in advance from my inner 5 year-old.


No need. Many people kinda feel that way or similarly.
Hey, let’s go to the last bastion of single player offline RPG games, Bethesda, to play an always online multi-player crafting survival game, online co-op wolfenstein, online multi-player arena shooter, online card game… Nothing they talked about was single player. Can’t believe that was the company, that releases TES and Fallout and Doom and Wolfenstein. It sounds more like Activision presentation.
There we go. Bethesda have become Activision…


It’s odd that some of the things I see as features in Star Citizen(whenever released) look like handicaps for ‘76

This new MMO may be the future with games (destiny? Warframe? ESO) but I’m not sure this is the future I’m looking for :smile:


I don’t get why everybody hated Fallout 4… I still play it… it’s the least glitchy of all the fallouts, BY FAR… best graphics hands down… best crafting system BY FAR… I have spent countless hours just hoarding shit in the world for settlement building… ya’ll are a bunch of haters…


  • the story wasn’t as good as the rest
  • the factions were misrepresented and didn’t have the depth I wished they’d had…
  • it didn’t give you any actual evil options/major decisions other than faction choices…

but still… I logged a bunch of hours on Fallout 1/2/Tactics/3/NV and the most by far is on 4… because settlements and the crafting system…

Bunch of haters with no artistic vision for how to construct a badass settlement is what you guys are…

I’m looking forward to Fallout 76