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Fallout 76 Anounced


Following a 24-hour livestream on Twitch, Bethesda Softworks unveiled the next game set in the Fallout universe. It’s called Fallout 76, which refers to the vault where it takes place.

The teaser trailer, embedded above, includes scenes set inside a relatively well-maintained fallout shelter. The vault looks decked out for a party, with balloons and confetti all over. A sign says that the occasion is called “Reclamation Day.” A Pip-Boy makes an appearance during the teaser, but there’s a conspicuous lack of weapons of any kind. The entire setting looks extremely domestic, set inside a child’s bedroom and a family living space.

The only character shown on screen is a single vault dweller, donning a blue Vault 76 suit and wearing a Pip-Boy with a date that reads Oct. 27, 2102. A broadcast in the trailer features an official saying, “When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.”


What — and where — is Fallout 76’s vault?
The Fallout timeline
The teaser trailer’s musical score is a cover of John Denver’s 1971 hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” which could indicate that Fallout 76 takes place in the state of West Virginia. Files on Bethesda’s press site appear to refer to the game by the codename “Mountain,” which could also be a hint that the game will take place in or near the Appalachian Mountains.

Kotaku reported that Fallout 76 will be “an online game of some sort.” Polygon has also heard the game will feature multiplayer.

A press release sent out by Bethesda said Fallout 76 is in development at Bethesda Game Studios on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. We expect to learn more during this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. Bethesda has its own press conference, called BE3, scheduled for Sunday, June 10, at 6:30 p.m. PT. It’s the publisher’s fourth dedicated E3 event.



So what might Vault 76 be? Here’s my speculation:

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC) is a U.S. military installation with an underground nuclear bunker near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, at Raven Rock Mountain that has been called an "underground Pentagon."


The Greenbrier is also the site of a massive underground bunker that was meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the United States Congress during the Cold War. The bunker was code named “Project Greek Island,” and Fritz Bugas was the former onsite superintendent.

Either way I suspect Bethesda is taking insipiration somewhere from cold war history.

Just for easy list of big locations:


I’m going to commit to my first guess that it’s going to be online.


“Do you want Fallout Online?”

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Maybe (Yes)
  4. Yes

Can they not lol? I like SP games. Maybe it’s time for me to finish classic Fallouts, after the thesis is done that is.


Crikey, there’s already a Reddit group… the hype is real.
I doubt Beth will be able to live up to it :frowning:


Rumors are it will be a fallout-themed survival/exploration game like Ark or Rust. If it’s PvP survival stuff I’m really not interested, but if it’s more exploration than ganking like Subnautica that could be really cool.



Ah so it’s Fallout PUBG?


More like fortnight with the inevitable building element


Probably. Battle Royale, they will be sued by the PUBG devs after a week.


No indication it’s battle royale, at least from the unsubstantiated leaks I’ve seen. Rust, not PUBG.


Oh… I see…
So it’s going to be poop then…


I wanted to write Fortnite, but was afraid to trigger someone. And forgot the “Battle Royale” term.


Perhaps @Ruffalo is closest with Rust.
Waaaay too early to worry about it/ get ones hopes up though


Oh no, just had a terrible thought- what if Bethesda use it to launch yet another terrible DRM platform like Origin or Uplay- extending the creation club/ in the wrong direction :scream:


Oh I think that’s a big part of it, monetizing a game designed around building is a natural fit because you can sell user-generated assets.


And day 0 DLC…/s


Well it’ll be out in early access for a very long time, as all those sorts of games are, and users will be building assets for it that entire time. So when it finally “launches”, there will be tons of stuff to buy. The monetization strategy is all pretty straight-forward. Assuming those unsubstantiated rumors are correct and it really is Rust/Ark, of course.


Ugh, so annoying.

Fallout 4 came after Skyrim.

Why are they making another Fallout before they make Skyrim 2?