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Fallout 76 Anounced


If only I liked their games…


What’s not to like about the Witcher 3?


Started the game. 5 minutes cutscene. Ren an obstacle course for a moment. 5 minutes Cutscene. Had a couple button prompts as a tutorial, 5 minutes cutscene, leading to another 5 minutes cutscene. Ride a horse in a straight line for a couple minutes, 5 minutes cutscene. Had a fight… Guess what was next.

I can’t play games like that. Look at our huge open world, look at our cutscenes. Do you still remember the tutorial? Here’s another 5 minutes cutscene. How about now? No. I want to play, people. I want to play. And I haven’t played Witcher 3 no matter it says hour and a half…


I mean set up is part of story telling:

The beginning of any game is somewhat boring compared to the middle or end.

I do agree with having the option to remove the tutorial, but that’s difficult when the tutorial is designed to incorporate part of the story. You certainly have the option to explore after the first couple of quests or so.

You can also skip the basic tutorial (how to run etc.) if you choose to:

I’m no mega fan of the Witcher 3, but I do think it is far better than Fallout 4. Quite frankly, none of the characters in F4 were interesting and finishing the game felt like a chore. The story left me feeling like I could have better spent my time playing almost anything else in terms of story driven RPGS.


No, I understand that, but here is how skyrim starts. You ride in a carriage for 5 minutes, then the dragon attacks and you are free to do whatever you want.
Fallout 4 for all the hate it gets from me - you walk around the house, you are in control of the character, you do stuff.
Witcher 3 - cutscene after cutscene after cutscene. All looking nice, but I kinda wanted to play a game. Don’t take control away from me…


I definitely like fast start to Skyrim and F4 but in comparison to The Witcher 3, I think the main story is definitely a afterthought in Bethesda’s case; wheras the Witcher 3 presents the main story full front and center.

Consider the character dynamic for example.

In Skyrim and F4, you create your own character, where in the Witcher 3 you have the singular option of playing Geralt. Skyrim and Fallout 4 do not have this same requirement, as their characters have very simple backstories and non-existent personalities. So in that respect I think the slow start is necessary to explain to players new to the franchise who Geralt and the rest of the gang are.


You see, this is where we differ. I want mi gameplay.
You want your story and characters.
I want to kill dragons and monsters and can you please run into that wall mister gaping dragon so I can use my resin and kill your ass while you are stunned, thank you.
On the other hand you would want to know will Geralt take this girl or that girl and what’s with this and that…
I don’t mind the story as long as I can play. I would take better gameplay over better story any day. Sorry, I know it’s bad to say it, but there are books and movies for my story.


The gameplay is all there, you just have to be patient for maybe an hour.

Traditionally I hate story driven games, with Dark Souls being my favorite but the Witcher 3 feels more like story is woven into the game rather than tact on like in Fallout or Skyrim.


Right… Witcher 3 is completely bereft of performance issues and quest bugs… :man_facepalming:

I went through the “39 Fallout 4 issues article”… I get stuck on a rock every now and then but nothing console tcl doesn’t fix painlessly… the rest doesn’t happen in my game… :man_shrugging:

The gameplay and combat on FO4, IMO, is more fun than any of the Witcher series and I like the alternative 1950’s reality setting and twisted vault-tec lore of Fallout a lot more than the magical beast hunter thing Witcher does

And if you don’t “care about” or use mods… … … I… honestly don’t know what to say… they increase the life of a game ten-fold

Obviously, we are looking to get two different things out of games… so we’ll have to agree to disagree


I’m not sure why we’re comparing Witcher to Fallout anyways?

One is a fantasy RPG with swords and magic where you’re given a character and a story, the other is a sci-fi RPG with guns and nukes where you make the character and story. The given vs. created character and story are probably the most important difference.

To me those are two different things where the only real commonality are that they are video games and share the same TLA in their list of genrea.




While I approve, let’s do keep these memes at a minimum.


Was initially skeptical when i heard it was MMO type thing, until the presentation mentioned you can limit to friends.

Count me in…


Wait, so this doesn’t have to be like gta v where it’s constant chaos? I’m more sold than I was originally now.


You mean Air Drops :tm:


Yes, and those were my exact thoughts. MMORPGs are unappealing because of the kids, jerks, etc.

According to the presentation, its online, but you can go gallivanting about the game world with only your friends. I’m guessing kinda like Elite Dangerous group mode.

This is exactly why i have so many hours in borderlands 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Fallout 76 E3 presentation…

Takes a while to get into it, but worth a watch if you like fallout. The fallout specific stuff starts around 5 minutes, 30 sec in


All I’m really concerned about is, do I have to suffer other people’s actions/attitudes while I’m playing. I’ll play the online thing because Fallout is perhaps my one fanboy franchise left after Bioshock was promptly shot in the head with Infinite.
So online only, okay, fine, if you must. But I do NOT want to have to deal with prox voice spam, rage tells when I take too long at a vendor, people spamming pvp requests, or jump/crouch spamming through my cutscenes. Although I expect ALL of the above to be in there because that is online gaming.

So apart from all of that dampening my enthusiasm, there is a bigger question. This will presumably mean NO MODS, and if you know Bethsoft games AT ALL, then you know that plenty of mods are not just naked anime catgirls, but are BUG FIXES. Not only bug fixes, but customisation aspects. If I want a different sorting mod for my inventory, or a new 4k texture for a gun, I can have that in F4 because it’s MY GAME. How will Bethsoft

  • suddenly pull a 180 on their previous trend of leaving the smoothing out of games to the modding scene

  • adapt to the fact that different people want different things from their games


I suspect there will be some sort of DLC/annual subscription.

They were talking about dedicated servers “for years to come” and that only really works if you have a revenue stream…

hopefully that means bug fixes.

From what was mentioned in the video this should hopefully not be a thing - the number of players in an instance will be “dozens” and you can either play solo or with friends.

Fingers crossed they understand why (as per your comments and mine and others above) a lot of people don’t want MMORPG without being able to cut a lot of it out.

Groups of 3-6 friends or whatever - great.

otherwise - not interested…


Supposedly Bethesda is making scripts that handle spammers/bots/undesirables.

As for mods, they will be a thing, but not at launch.

People can play with friends. Teams will be up to four people, and the magic number for server capacity seems to be 24 right now, maybe 36. I don’t know exactly what being a team does or does not entail.

It is possible to play solo.