ElementaryOS 7 on mdadm raid 1: nothing but a grub 2 prompt

I used both @wendell’s tutorial and the tutorial for Pop!_OS written up written by @bANONYMOUS

I tried running update-grub2, but after every reboot I just get a grub2 prompt;
As I am neither a grub expert, not a mdadm expert, I was wondering if anyone might have trouble shooting suggestions I could attempt?

Does the setup boot from the other drive in the raid1 mirror when configured from BIOS/UEFI?

I only see one boot entry in my UEFI

Still didn’t manage to succeed, but I realised that Pop now installs without any modifications if I choose the efi and boot partitions on the disks as per the guides and the mdadm raid1 for the root directory.

One thing I am attempting is to make elementary OS use EFI boot instead of grub, but any of the guides for Ubuntu I found don’t work.