Edward [Now with finished pics]

[Edit: Post Build Glamour shots]:

This time around I am building a PC for what I actually use a computer for, not what I think I use it for. So I am forgoing the big fancy graphics card and instead spending my money on a lot of CPU horsepower.


  • Fast Compiler Workstation, for the very large rust code bases I work with.
  • Enough ram to run multiple virtual machines.
  • 10Gb Ethernet connection to my NAS
  • Small enough to chuck in a rucksack and take with me.

Parts List:

  • Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Corsair Vengance 64GB 3600MHz Kit
  • Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi ITX Motherboard
  • HDPlex 200W PSU with 240W Dell Laptop Charger
  • Noctua NH-L12S
  • GPU TBD (GT710 placeholder)
  • Samsung 960Evo 1TB (Recycled)
  • Asus 10G Ethernet Adapter card (Recycled)
  • M.2 to PCI-e adapter
  • Lone Industries L5

The whole build revolves around the L5 as the case choice. Lone Industries have been making variations on this design for as long as I have been interested in computers, and I have always wanted one.

This 20cm x 20cm x 10cm cuboid is small enough to fit into my backpack (I have a big bag) without taking my normal kit out. As someone who travels a lot having a workstation that portable is an intriguing idea (N.B: no comment yet on how practical it is yet as of time of writing it isn’t built yet).

The build would be simplified if there were X570 ITX boards available with 10Gb Ethernet onboard, but at the time of the build there aren’t. So To improvise the x570 I Pro WiFi was chosen for its dual M.2 Slots with the intention of adapting one into a second PCI-e X4 slot for a network card. How hard can it be?

The CPU and RAM were chosen with a watchful I on the thermal and power budget. It may be that the machine needs to be lightly tuned down. I hope the extra cores of the 3900X cores are worth the loss in boost speed.

The GPU I am holding off buying but unless there is a compelling RX5300 half height single slot released soon I will install a WX4100


Obligitory Haul Shot.
Not shown: Case, Cooler (hasn’t arrived yet) , SSD (being used to write this post).

Damn ITX Boards are compact (and surprisingly heavy)

How the M.2 mod works, taking full advantage of the clearance space under the motherboard. Hmm that backplate might need to be trimmed

DIY DTX… Asus can suck it!
Fingers crossed this might actually work!
Please excuse my 710 placeholder.

More to come when the cooler turns up later tonight.


I’m with you there. I dislike their products lately.

As for your GPU it depends on what you’re going to use it for. If we knew use case I guess some of us could provide suggestions. While Nvidia is rumored to always suck on Linux I’ll tell you from a person with programming experience. It sucks for normies. GPUs are easy so please don’t let that determine then GPU of your build :wink:

What underlying hardware is in that asus 10 gig card is it aqantia or Intel?

Build part 2:

Cooler turned up.


That’s what 64GB of high performance RAM looks like in late 2019

This might be an unusual paste layout, but I don’t know where the chiplets are under there, this seemed like a good compromise between the Pea and the X methods.

Yea it’s tight! I had to slide the fan backwards a about 4 fins to make the PSU fit comfortably.

Posing for a glamour shot before we put the cards in.

This really is a brick of computing.

It works! And those are the ram speeds everyone wants to see out of the box.

I forgot to capture installing the SSD. But it “Booted” first time. This disk came still warm out of my old workstation. A few driver installations later and its what I am writing this post on.

And well there it is in prime95 and furmark at the same time.

In open air all core sustained load is 65°C at 4.0GHz, which I think is more than respectable. The PSU combo is holding up to both the CPU and the GT710 standin being hit at the same time. I tried it out on my old x99 a couple of nights ago and more than 3 cores loaded would trip the OCP. Although while it does work under Extremely high loads the HDPlex module does emit a very loud whine.

So far so good.

I will check back in on thursday when my case turns up, but for now I guess I will be using this thing on my desk. like this:


First of all; congrats on a new awesome build!

This looks really good, and I like your choice of the 3900x, I have a 3700x myself, and I can’t even imagine how good the 3900x is !

I hope you enjoy your new rig, and that it fills your needs!

PS: Great log!

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I am looking for something that can run a couple of 4K screens smoothly during the day, but can run some simpler games at night. AMD’s mainlined drivers are a plus to me as an :arch: user as they simplify system upgrades.

I settled on the WX4100 as it is the most powerful single slot half height GPU in my price range. (the P1000 is just a bit too rich for my budget) I have deliberately avoided talking figures here but as you can imagine a machine like this has a matching price tag, and there is a limit to my budget.

If for whatever reason the 4100 wasn’t an option I would probably be looking at some of the GT1030 offerings.



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That’s true but dkms basically makes Nvidia easy. IF your not running the grsecurity kernel which I don’t see why you would. It’s security enhancements break the user land.

That’s a good GPU no issues there at all.

Nvidia does have a professional segement

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Great build, looking good.

Concerning Thermalpaste placement, here is the cheat-sheet someone in this thread made.


the P620’s performance is a little disapointing and the P1000 is too pricey for my taste.

I found that image in a search while I was installing the CPU but my confidence wasn’t high


You better duct tape a pair of scissors to the side of the case when ur done

Holy crap i was thinking of doing the same thing on my b450 itx, you mad lad


May I direct your attention to

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The actual character the machine is named after.



ew weeb

also ha

if it doesn’t randomly explode stuff, like that edward

Valid complaint.

I have 12 cores. Watch me igore your complaint :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for posting this. Good work. !!

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Using the m.2 to make the dtx was genuinely awesome and one of those “why didn’t I think of that!!!” Moments… Now my m.2 drive is going to be migrating

Thanks, Before you go out and buy a sketchy adapter wait until I have the results of putting it into a case. (Thursday) RN it is sat on my desk and I am more than concerned that the tight clearances under the motherboard are going to pinch the cable and kill the adapter (and hopefully nothing else)

Another thing to note, there are 3 variants of the adapter I have used and hindsight being 20:20 I think I have not chosen the best one, but that again comes down to the case clearances.

:open_mouth: You’re welcome. This build was actually inspired by your video on Building The Ultimate Devops Workstation Part 1

I saw the Dr Zaber build (actually same motherboard) and thought “I can do it smaller”

P.S. Still waiting for the next part of that series :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have alot of connections and knowledge about pcie/m.2 slot cables cause bifurcation research. I know Chinese manufacturing can make a better solution for you connection with a perpendicular connection to a pcb that can be screwed down like a m.2 device and still have a x4 wired with x16 physical