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DOOM is now playable on Linux through wine with full Vulkan rendering. Amazing results!


Hey all, this is my first post on these forums, so be easy on me. I have been a fan of Wendell's videos on Tek Syndicate and now I am subscribed to Level 1 Tech (through ownership change). So far I have been enjoying the new content and change of direction.


I would imagine that there is a pretty big community of dedicated Linux users in the Level 1 Tech forums (I have been using the Linux desktop for almost 10 years now) , and I really think this is worth posting about as it has parts of the Linux gaming communities buzzing right now.

Thanks to id's Software recent removal of Donovo in DOOM 2016, it has been playable in Wine-Staging on Linux through a recent release canidate. Vulkan can be enabled in game and be passed directly to the Linux Nvidia or AMD video drivers. So far the performance has been quite shocking in Linux even though many of the features in the engine are still being run through Wine compatibility layer.

Take a look at this 4-way comparison video showing SteamOS Brewmaster against Windows 10 Pro in Vulkan and OpenGL using a i7-4790K and Nvidia GTX 780:

The Vulkan performance is almost identical for both platforms, while the OpenGL performance on Linux is heavily crippled thanks to some sort of CPU meddling.

Here is another video showing a GTX 1070 run DOOM in Ubuntu through Wine with Vulkan enabled:

older i5 2500, GTX 970, 16GB system running Arch Linux:

Now, take a look at this AMD GPU comparison between openSUSE 42.2 and Windows 8.1 on an aging i5 3330, Radeon hd 7970 system:

Here is a Reddit post showing an image of an R9 Fury with Ultra settings at 1440p running in Arch Linux:

Video of an R9 Fury X with an i7-6700K running Vulkan on Ubuntu 16.04:

Again, the Vulkan performance is showing very close numbers to the Windows version. AMD driver's have been trash when it comes to OpenGL performance on Linux, this is a big turn around for them on LInux with Vulkan.

Right now I am stuck with an old Geforce 660ti 3GB that I really need to upgrade soon. But even on this card, I can get close to Windows performance in Mint 18 Sarah. I am just blown away by this, even with such a weak card.

Has anyone else tried this out?


Why I hate windows

yeah its just that this is a real bitch to set up. Gotta use wine-staging and there's an issue with wine not wanting to have a 64bit prefix yada yada. Tried all yesterday to do it and I couldn't get it working.



So, you are having some 32bit dependency issues?

There is a pretty good thread on Reddit here that might help:



Now I got wine-staging from the AUR, not from source at their website. And no, I have a prefix issue (I think), as I install the 64 bit wine, and then when I install doom it says its on 32 bit. But other 64 bit games work fine.

But thanks for the link. I'll read it over.



Currently testing this now



Oh, you're on Arch... I generally stick to the more casual distros. I don't have much experience with that one.

I am thinking that Wine-Staging has to be compiled in a biarch (32-64bit combination) configuration.



I hadn't done the symlinks that the guy in the reddit post did. So now I see more than the 32bit-steam-crossover-hack, I actually see the amd64 wine-staging now.



I will this weekend. Neat.



Hell yeah \m/

Tried other distros, I actually needed to run arch. I had a very specific setup goal.

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Arch looks really f-ing cool, and I have thought about switching over to it more than a few times... but I am still intimidated by it's 'super-user' design mindset. Too much for me.






So that's what was happening with my Steam client....



Steam went down at around 5 am this morning for me, which sucks cause I was right in the middle of a Rocket League match.



I will be trying this in the coming hours



I've got a problem: I'm on arch, and no matter which version of wine-staging I'm running (wether it's the normal one or wine-staging-nine), it doesn't show up in /opt. Does anyone know why?



I am not too familiar with the Arch package manger, nor do I know the method of installation that you are using. But wine-staging does not install directly to /opt, it should install to /opt/wine-staging/ . So you have to type the full path to that directory. You might have to add some symlinks manually or install the winehq-staging package which adds additional symlinks to the appropriate directories to make it function as your default Wine installation.



Well, what I meant was that there was no wine-staging folder inside /opt. But that doesn't matter now because POL has found wine-staging 2.0rc2 and I'm already downloading DOOM (my internet speed right now is just painfully slow)



Hmm, maybe the Arch synaptic manager (or whatever it is called) installs wine-staging to a different directory?

I am not a fan of POL myself, but it is a good way to create individual profiles for each game/ program installed. It might save a a couple headaches on dealing with the symlinks and such.



For those having some issues trying to DOOM on Wine, here is a useful youtube video from Penguin Recordings showing how to set up Wine-Staging through PlayOnLinux:

This is being installed on Ubuntu 16.04, but generally this tutorial can be used for just about any distro.



Just finished downloading it today. Only took 3 days straight. I love Australia...

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