Diffrence Between $900 and $600 Monitor

Can’t figure out what would make one so much more expensive then the other. I know there are minor differences but nothing jumps out that is worth $300 dollars. Any of you monitor buffs know the substantial differences between these?

Used this tool but couldn’t find any real differences

Oh yeah I was in your position a while back

Ultimately I went with the dell. Mostly because the LG T monitor had improper weight distribution and I had better experiences with dell.

If I had to guess, it’s probably the monitor motherboard+SOC. The LG’s a year older and doesn’t have as much in connectivity

Next thing might be response times

Finally will be

Overall, I think dell made a better work monitor (stand + connectivity) and LG made a better tv monitor

There’s some drafts/reviews

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I’m thinking that the colour space is going to contribute a lot to this. IIRC the UltraSharp line has always had a high price point due to its wide colour gamut - the kind of thing that you want for working with photos or videos.

Dell UltraSharp 43 4K USB-C Monitor - U4320Q

  • 96% sRGB color gamut

43” 4K UHD IPS USB-C HDR 10 Monitor

  • Color Gamut (Typ.) NTSC 72% (CIE1931)

That LG screen is also not saying what kind of HDR it is. Backlit, edgelit? Or how many zones. Any monitor that wants to call itself HDR when it isn’t HDR isn’t worth considering IMO.

If you want to go down the monitor wormhole, I recommend Monitors Unboxed (plus other monitor content on Hardware Unboxed).


You might also want to check out HP, Lenovo, Eizo and NEC

LG in general usually have very poor warranty terms

I can’t find much difference between them at all. Both around 100% sRGB, both have USB C with charging, both support PbP and PiP.
I’d save 300$ and go with the LG on this one, no questions asked.
There are only two differences: the LG seems to use more power, if we’re gonna believe the specs of the Dell monitor. And the Dell monitor can provide up to 90W through the USB C port while the LG can output up to 60W.

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Ah, 72% NTSC ~=ish 100% sRGB. Yay standard units.

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