Devember 2019 Discussions

Here is the discussion zone for the 2019 devember challenge!

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You should have posted it a week ago so more people can see it :stuck_out_tongue:
Count me in. I have a game I am making and I want to finish it, so there’s that.

You’re right. Curse you Disney+!

shakes fist agrily

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Oh for gods sake STOP GIVING THEM MONEY…

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Whats good on Disney+?

I’m watching The Mandalorian.

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I think we should make another thread for projects only. This can stay as a discussion thread, and the other one can be projects only with descriptions and links. One post per project, name, short description and link, eventual screenshots or videos or something will be fine.
The idea is this will quickly become overwhelming hundreds of posts large thread where finding specific something something will be pretty much impossible.

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I expected that to be here, the three of us could clear our messages

I’ll take care of it

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(OK that’s it I am a toaster now) (Maam)

I am making a video game about programming in assembly
heavily inspired by TIS100.


You can’t just start deleting posts…
Just open a new thread… Suggest a format for posting and that’s that… People can still post here, but this is more general stuff…
Anyways, what are YOU, sir, (or maam or toaster or something), doing for Devember?

Hey, mee too :smiley:
What engine you use?

Looks like he’s making his own from scratch.

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You may want to pin those two threads…

@SIGSEGV are you really making entirely new game engine from scratch? Unity is free you know…

*She (Its in my bio)

I don’t really think in terms of engine - game. Yes I am writing it from not much more than a collection of libraries.

I don’t really get along with the premade engines. They are designed with an assumption of what you are trying to do, and I always suck at fitting my ideas into that framework.

Oh yeah. That have been my biggest struggle with unity when I had the will to try it.

O_o didn’t know you were a lady. :fedora:

You ASS ume too much :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I just don’t read Bio’s.

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*@Dynamic_Gravity uses mod power *

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