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Hey, I’m thinking of joining in. My idea is to learn and use Ansible on my Proxmox VE and network equipment. Post a script and such every day for some menial or major task. I like the idea of @Dynamic_Gravity’s Ghost page and I’m thinking to deploy a site myself, again, perhaps even use Ansible itself to do it(not sure if that’s possible). However I’d like to veer away from just code itself and go into system config and such. I might even explore a new automation framework aside from ansible. I wonder if you guys think it’s a good idea for devember. If this doesn’t fit, Im still going to start a post on this to document my progress.

My coding skills have been sitting at a shelf since I started using powershell at work so… new things yay? I also need to deploy my git repo for others to see.


I’ll allow it. :wink:

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BTW, I’m self hosting every thing :smiley:

And yes, I’m behind cloudflare.

im going the same way
nextcloud(maybe), some wiki, gitea among others. Idea is to start my own homelab and by the end of the year have an entirely selfhosted platfrom, also de-googling myself. This devember should be something to kickstart that.

Gitea would have been way easier than gitlab, which is what I did.

But I wanted that sweet CI/CD so the pain was worth it.

Fun fact, my works client uses Gitlab for their Hybris SAP development.

I would but I can’t commit to daily coding time. My job barely affords me enough time for sleep. Life of a driver

It’s okay. Perhaps you could just commit to reading some programming material everyday?

Or you could help be a cheerleader for those doing the challenge? A little bit goes a long way.

Well, I will try again this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

The discord servers using my bot will be happy when I start updating it with features I promised half a year ago. xD

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One cheerleader signing up…

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Would it be acceptable to omit the

“will make the produced code publicly available on the internet”

part of the challenge, or does that go against the spirit of Devember?

We’re pretty lossey goosey with the rules to be honest.

But in the spirit we would like at least gifs or snippets.

Thank you! :clap:

Oh that would be super messy for my game. The engine uses nicely organized system of objects and events, but if I have to share the code that will be such a mess, cause I have to clarify almost every line of code, what object it is and what event it’s running at and what does that mean and so on…

I think it’s going to be a great year.


I hope so, cause 2019 was a mess…

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Yea I am not doing that cos I am working on something I want to keep the rights to.

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8 Participants this year, not bad.

Trying to poke a friend to join, I think its fair to accept entries up the to the end of the 1st.


Good morning everyone, time to get cracking!


IIRC last time there were people joining in a few days in, cause they didn’t see the thread in time…
I don’t think closing the entries is a good idea at all