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Devember 2018



@TeckMonster knows ur feel



Yeah the last thing I want to do is sit in a room for 4 hours with other sick people, just to see the doc for 5 minutes, so he can prescribe RX antibiotics.


And sends you out the door with a 2k+ bill for making you wait 4 hours for those 5 minutes of work.


Yeah. I hate American Health Care.


Is that the new AMD GPU?


RX is short-hand for prescription; non over-the-counter medication.


@psycho_666 so that means you’ll have to have prescription to by new AMD GPUs.


Humour deployed. Humour missed the target. Humour too weak to hit any target…
Humour dead …


I’m already cured. You are the one that needs RX goodness in your a**… Assembly…?


Slept on my arm last night, because I am a smart human being.

Woke up today and I’m about a 6 on the pain scale on that arm. :frowning:

Programming today will be difficult.


TFW u always sleep on your arm…


I am a mild rut. The kind of rut I need half a day to work through, so I might slow down a bit until the weekend. I am also on a weird shift, which after getting home and cooking food doesn’t leave me much time.
At least all of the yelling people around me have gone away, so I can get some peace and quiet.


I feel this typo more than you know.


lol Freudian slip there. Sure I will go with it.


Not related to my challenge but:


Wow you can really throw everything at it.


so… new hardware?


I also got hit by some real life stuff. Didn’t even power on my computer yesterday, which is extremely abnormal behavior for me. :scream:

Hopefully I can get back to this today.

I hope you get well soon! :slight_smile:


Is December a bad time for Devtember? What are people’s take on how busy this time of the year is with drama etc?

Normally, I would be off for a week with no forum time and def no time to program.


bad time. yes.


yeah, for me it’s not ideal. The question is, can we even find a month that works best for everyone. The concept of Devember on it’s own is a great idea. I alread learned a lot so far and I would not have started without the motivation of everyone else.