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Devember 2018



I’m busy drawing stuff :smiley:


Drawing is kinda next logical step for me too, but I’m gonna hold on the graphics and start expanding on the mechanics I have…


I find it helps to do a little bit of the graphics/UI work every now and then especially when the project has a lot of backend work to be completed. It helps me visualise things and seeing the progress keeps the motivation going.


That is why I have broken down the game into a hyouge list of tiny goals, so I tick stuff out every day…
I need to go back to digital art… Or get a sketch book and pencils and draw like I’m getting paid for it.


This cold still hasn’t left me >.<


That’s because you don’t drink enough.
Alcohol kills the bacteria…


Yeah, the good and the bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Moderation is key.


Sorry about that. I’m a bit busy …
I am already feeling bad enough about it. :frowning:


How my week is going so far.

Sunday: light coughing
Monday: diarrhea, coughing
Tuesday: intense non-stop coughing, nasal congestion
Wednesday: lost voice.

I’ve only been getting around 5 hours of sleep a night because I wake up to go cough or go to the bathroom. Last night I sneezed so hard my nose started to bleed.


Are you drinking mint tea with honey? If not, do.

Seriously, nothing helps soothe your throat quite like tea and honey. (also, tea helps flush the sick out of your system.


Yeah I have been having black tea, and or green tea. Can’t have honey on my diet though.


Oh, right. No sugar.

TBH, black tea is a bit harsh and may not be helping you, because caffeine really isn’t great for you when you’re sick.


I use Lakanto Monk Fruit Extract (with Erythritol), and sometimes Stevia.

Yeah, good point. I’m over the hump so to speak, but my voice is gone. So I’ve been whispering since last night.

I think I’ll go make some oolong green tea.


If you have lemon - put some in the tea… Vitamin C helps…


that sounds awful. I hope you get better soon!


When. I get the cold I usually do lemon fresh and honey mix.
But since you can’t have honey I can’t really recommend that to you…


I hope ya get better soon dude

did you went to a doc? coz that escalated quickly?


nah I didn’t bother going to the doctor.

And thanks for the well-wishes :slight_smile:


American I see?


Indeed. :us: