Desk PC Audio Setup Recommendations


I am looking to get an entry/mid level hi-fi audio setup. I am looking for a 2.1 sound system for my PC. I was recommended to buy Dayton Audio MK402X, Fosi Audio BT20A, and Dayton Audio SUB-1200($343 USD total). I am also considering Klipsch bookshelf speakers. I don’t necessarily have a budget in mind, but the cheaper the better for me. But, I am willing to pay more for higher quality and if lasts a long time without needing to be replaced. My primary use case is youtube, twitch, and music. The music I listen to is primarily rap/hip-hop. So bass is important to me. I do listen to a wide variety of music though. Sometimes I will watch tv shows or movies. I do not want to buy used. I will be putting the speakers on my desk next to my monitor so they will be close to me(around arms length).

Any advise or recommendations is greatly appreciated. I am open to anything.

I bought a pair of these Monoprice speakers last year. They actually sound pretty good for what they are and have them connected to an iFi Zen DAC V2. They are bassy, so much so that when they were closer to the wall on the desk I had to stuff the ports so the bass didn’t overpower the rest of the tracks. I don’t run a sub because other people in the house.

Thanks for the info! I have also been advised that these would be good as well, but cost more.

JBL A130 and Studio 530
Kanto YU Passive 4 and 5
KEF Q150
Elac B5.2 and B6.2
Polk XT15
Polk ES15, ES20
Monoprice B5

Yeh, a lot of those are more expensive, but you also get what you pay for in those names.

Ya I am looking a one time buy that will be quality and last a long time without needing to replace anything.

I recommend choosing the speakers first, as that affects your choice of compatible usable equipment
You can go with powered speakers and skip the amp for example
So, after you choose a budget, choose a speaker, then the auxiliary equipment


nice thing thnx for share it.

I think it is best for expand-ability and upgrade-ability to get passive speakers. I am having difficulty choosing the speakers. Do I save money and get entry level or go all in which I normally do with my tech/electronics. So that way I get quality and never have to replace it(or at least last a long time until it needs to be replaced). I am leaning towards higher quality/lasting longer, but I do not know what to choose. I feel like the budget/entry level probably is good enough for me because I was going to get a cheap 2.1 setup in the first place and I currently have cheap stereo speakers.

I currently use klipsch r-14pm connected to a sound blaster soundcard on my pc and couldn’t be more happy!

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thanks ill check em out

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I agree with spending a little more
At least something that has a decent midrange
Most information in music is in the midrange and 2 speakers can easily have much different voices

If your desk can handle the space, a soundbar is an option

If you can spend $500 for DAC/amp/speakers/cables/accessories, you will be in some pretty good equipment
At under $200, things get trickier
There’s always used, if you can find it

I think passive speakers clutter your desk, you really should reconsider the active speakers, IMO
But certainly the hardest choice is the speakers, just take your time and pick them first is my advice

Make sure you get a good subwoofer. It makes a world of difference for drums an bass. I have both bookshelf and desktop with a subwoofer and the subwoofer makes the base pop out more. The bookshelf monitors make vocals a lot more clear. For rap on the desktop speakers the vocals get mixed with the vocals.
I wrote about it before and compared it to my desktop speakers

Bookshelf monitors are much more flexible as you can add more speakers to a setup and have modular connectors (definitely recommend bananna plugs). I’ve heard some people who use bookshelf speakers as a center channel in home theater setups. For desktop speakers, if you want more, you need to buy a new set.

If you have a small desk and a big monitor, make sure to take the dimensions of bookshelf speakers into account as they may not fit on your desk/setup.

@bedHedd @dssme

The final setup is looking like ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers($259usd), AIYIMA A07 TPA3255($60usd), Dayton Audio SUB-1200-12"($180) Total= $499.

What do you think of that?

what sound card / audio interface do you plan on using (how are you breaking the signal between speakers and sub)?
Are you aware it will sound awful, other than making a lot of noise? And the T-Amp will not be able to go very high without distorting - a lot?

Please ignore if a one stop solution is an absolute no go.
Just wanted to mention that my Edifier S350DB sound pretty good.


Rock on!!

Have you seen Daphile?

Can even run off a USB flash drive, so the machine can still run the other OS
And you can put your music on the network or a USB/internal drive…loads of choices, but I highly recommend it

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Never heard of it. I will check it out. This is my first entry to hifi audio.

You can use it on one box, or 2
Multiroom or not
control it with Squeezer on Android (don’t use IOS, but it’s available there too)
plugins for DLNA, numerous internet radios, wireless or wired, lyrics & band info

based on Logitech Media Server (up to date with huge community activity)

Yep…must have

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Looks like their plan is to use the amp to do that. Tho looking at the amp you might need one that can have a breakout for the sub
This one looks like it can with the aux out

Though I didn’t research too much so make sure to check reviews or yoitube

This one if you went for a passive sub. I use this for my setup

If you have additional budget, a dac/audio interface will help. Otherwise if your phone or laptop has a good dac you can use that until you can save up for one

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The builtin dac in a modern machine is likely 24/192
for now, a simple 3.5mm cable will give him sound
as he grows into it, a desktop usb dac from say, Schitt Audio or many alternatives will up the game
First thing to work with is the software, I’d say
Then the DAC

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