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Bunch of Electronics Projects [Just Do It Challenge]


After my initial idea for this summers project got stuck, I took out the list of many little projects I wrote down over the past year.
This thread will house a bunch of them.

perform sanitychecks = false;
do burn_fingers = avoid;
enable soldering_iron = true;


1 - LED-Christmas tree

Description: A cheap little USB christmas tree. As the original LED did not have a resistor, the one it came with burned out rather quickly. My instant fix was to solder some resistor that was in range of beeing the right one to it, and a blink cycling LED…

The idea: Replace the blinking LED with an RGB LED, attach that to a micro controller and programm it pretty.

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
ATtiny85 1 Cheap, simple, works
150 Ohm resistor 1
56 Ohm resistor 2
RGB-LED 1 4-pin
USB lead 1

2 - Battery LED Lamp

Description: LED light with an odd flickering quirck. I suspected the switch to be the cause (it is not), faulty wires are ruled out, a capacitor tacked accross the aray did not fix it…

The idea: Replace everything except the housing. New LED array, new switch, charge controller, battery.

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
Switch 1 I do not trust the switch!
Battery 1 500mAh, should result in 3 hours on time
white LED 8
39 Ohm resistor 1 >2W
Adafruit 1904 1 Link, it is a charge controller

3 - BananaPi SSD NAS

Description: My mother and sister (sometimes me) are exchanging quite a lot of small files, be that single music tracks or a hand ful of photos. Right now, that happens via handing arround USB drives.

The idea: Have a BananaPi with an SSD, hide it somewhere and let that handle local file sharing. Be it via D-LAN or Samba (or something else).

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
Banana Pi 1
5V 2.5A wall adapter 1 Or do I need 3A :thinking:
Banana Pi SATA cable 1 curious how this works
Banana Pi case 1
ADATA SU 630 1 Unsure about capacity, 240GB, 480GB :man_shrugging:

4 - Illuminated base for etched crystal

Description: I got one of these laser etched glas blocks similar to this. I want to give it an illumated base to rest on.

The Idea: Wood base with one or two LEDs in it, maybe light blue and amber?

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
3mm ww LED 3 One spare
56 Ohm resistor 2
3m micro USB cable 1 Costs nothing, so better have one spare
microUSB breakout PCB 1 Makes soldering to it easier for 20ct more


Some user input would be nice. Especially on the Banana Pi NAS.
All else is good to go as is.


Project 2 - Battery LED Lamp

This is not prototyping, this is tinkering:

Even with a smooth supply voltage and capacitor, it still misbehaves.


Oh, I’m really curious about the Christmas tree LED thing…


Project 1 - LED-Christmas Tree

It is, nothing special:

And in all its 4 pieces:

And the (annoying) color change sequence:

This needs fixing! Make it slow and smooth, less blues, more reds and greens.


Honestly, I thought you gonna build your own…

I have done that at some point.
It is a cone of green LEDs with some reds on it. It kind of sucked while looking crappy.

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All parts are on order, will arrive soon™
Will update this thread when I get things going.


Long time no see!
A bunch of parts for miscellaneous projects arrived.

1 - LED Christmas tree bits

2 - Battery LED Lamp

3 - BananaPi NAS

4 - LED Base

5 - LED christmas tree
As per @psycho_666 beeing disappointed over me not building a christmas tree shaped LED ornament, I will also do that.


4 - Illuminated Base
Soldered the components together.
Might change to one resistor with the LEDs in parallel after that instead of resistor&LED in pairs.
Currently, the thing is less of a light accent and more of a flood light, at 0.36W power draw…

Wood part is WIP:


5 - LED christmas tree
I am sick (man-flu, will die soon™), so I grabbed my soldering iron and went to town.

Pliers, Snips, Solderin Iron @ 300°C, 12 SMD LEds (warm white), battery box, silver coated copper wire

I bent the shape of a tree (a cone)

Next up, the LEDs:

Are you bored of simple solder projects?
Do you have eyes like an eagle?*
Do you enjoy physical pain?
Do you enjoy psychological horror?
Have you mastered all shaolin technics?
Then SMD-Soldering is for you!

How to:
Prepare wire:

“Wet” spots you want to solder components to:

Grab component with tweezers:

Heat the solder blob you want to solder to:

The black wire is for grounding. I just have it there.

Hold component in solder puddle:
Because I had to take the photo and no third hand, you need to imagine the iron from the image above heating the wire :slight_smile:

Take away the iron and wait for it to cool down.
Repeat 12 times:

Solder some more:

Add resistor and do function test:

Add another resistor because it burns your retina out:

…and the battery box:


Only took 2 hours

Might add a green paper cone, because as is, it does not look much like a christmas tree…


I’ve been toying with the idea of making a set of Christmas tree PCBs that can slot together or something. I think ot would be neat.

And make it RGB™.

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Takee green PCBs, use side emitting warm white LEDs and a few red normal LEDs and you are golden.

I usually use OSHpark which makes purple PCBs, but maybe some careful masking and some spraypaint would work?

OH SHIT make the silkscreen look like snow!

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To the other tinkerers:
Why do you buy 10 fuses when you blow the one in your multimeter?

Because you will blow it twice to make sure you really had the wrong probe points.

4 - Illuminated Base

My dad did finished the base for me. It came out amazing!

Screwed in the electronics:

All pieces together: