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Bunch of Electronics Projects [Just Do It Challenge]



After my initial idea for this summers project got stuck, I took out the list of many little projects I wrote down over the past year.
This thread will house a bunch of them.

perform sanitychecks = false;
do burn_fingers = avoid;
enable soldering_iron = true;


1 - LED-Christmas tree

Description: A cheap little USB christmas tree. As the original LED did not have a resistor, the one it came with burned out rather quickly. My instant fix was to solder some resistor that was in range of beeing the right one to it, and a blink cycling LED…

The idea: Replace the blinking LED with an RGB LED, attach that to a micro controller and programm it pretty.

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
ATtiny85 1 Cheap, simple, works
150 Ohm resistor 1
56 Ohm resistor 2
RGB-LED 1 4-pin
USB lead 1

2 - Battery LED Lamp

Description: LED light with an odd flickering quirck. I suspected the switch to be the cause (it is not), faulty wires are ruled out, a capacitor tacked accross the aray did not fix it…

The idea: Replace everything except the housing. New LED array, new switch, charge controller, battery.

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
Switch 1 I do not trust the switch!
Battery 1 500mAh, should result in 3 hours on time
white LED 8
39 Ohm resistor 1 >2W
Adafruit 1904 1 Link, it is a charge controller

3 - BananaPi SSD NAS

Description: My mother and sister (sometimes me) are exchanging quite a lot of small files, be that single music tracks or a hand ful of photos. Right now, that happens via handing arround USB drives.

The idea: Have a BananaPi with an SSD, hide it somewhere and let that handle local file sharing. Be it via D-LAN or Samba (or something else).

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
Banana Pi 1
5V 2.5A wall adapter 1 Or do I need 3A :thinking:
Banana Pi SATA cable 1 curious how this works
Banana Pi case 1
ADATA SU 630 1 Unsure about capacity, 240GB, 480GB :man_shrugging:

4 - Illuminated base for etched crystal

Description: I got one of these laser etched glas blocks similar to this. I want to give it an illumated base to rest on.

The Idea: Wood base with one or two LEDs in it, maybe light blue and amber?

Parts: Link

Name Count Note
3mm ww LED 3 One spare
56 Ohm resistor 2
3m micro USB cable 1 Costs nothing, so better have one spare
microUSB breakout PCB 1 Makes soldering to it easier for 20ct more


Some user input would be nice. Especially on the Banana Pi NAS.
All else is good to go as is.


Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition

Project 2 - Battery LED Lamp

This is not prototyping, this is tinkering:

Even with a smooth supply voltage and capacitor, it still misbehaves.



Oh, I’m really curious about the Christmas tree LED thing…



Project 1 - LED-Christmas Tree

It is, nothing special:

And in all its 4 pieces:

And the (annoying) color change sequence:

This needs fixing! Make it slow and smooth, less blues, more reds and greens.



Honestly, I thought you gonna build your own…



I have done that at some point.
It is a cone of green LEDs with some reds on it. It kind of sucked while looking crappy.

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All parts are on order, will arrive soon™
Will update this thread when I get things going.


Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition