[Build] The lack of SFF with ATX support meant getting creative

So I decided that I would need to build my own.

Case is 12" w x 16" h x 3.5" d I wanted to build something that could fit in a 2U rack if I really needed it to but not waste much space. I dont need HD’s because its getting m.2, and the GPU will be vertically mounted via a PCIe Riser which will give me up to 12" of room with a 2 slot wide cooler.

PSU is TFX 300w because realistically thats all this build needs as its an R5 3600 and a 1050ti GPU for my 5 year old.

Still to do:

  1. Cut IO shield
  2. Cut GPU slots
  3. Cut PSU hole/mount
  4. Motherboard Standoff’s
  5. Cut front USB 3.0
  6. Cut front USB-C
  7. Drill hole and install power switch PWR LED combo.

Still to do:

  1. Cut front USB 3.0
  2. Cut front USB-C
  3. Side panel (not sure if Plexi, or ALU)
  4. Replace 90° PCIe Riser so it wont hit the fans

Nice work! Great use of metal. Now to paint an Avaya Logo on it and hang on the wall to hide it in plain sight. :smiley:

Is Avaya still a thing? I remember it went from Bell, to Lucent, to Avaya and then I got out of the networking world and into Video.

90deg PCIe gives me plenty of clearance for fans now :slight_smile:

Also added a plexi side panel for the time being. I want to secure it with magnets, but super glue in each corner is enough for now.

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