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Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)




Dell SE2717HR Monitor. 75Hz 27" 1080P Freesync for $99 after coupon code HOLIDAY18

Samsung 860 EVO for $115





Yes, 1TB


1tb drives have been on sale for like $130 so 110 is not to crazy


SSD’s are getting lower by the day. Although this is a good deal as of now, personally I think it’s best if people waited until the end of this year before buying a SSD because the price will drop lower! (My guess is $75/1TB)


IDK for US people cuz tariffs could get crazy


For whatever reason SSD and RAM not part of the bullshit tariffs.




not on stuff that is old sitting stock in wearhouses that is what they are selling at these sales i doubt any new right out of the factory as i type maybe but existing stock (possible months worth of stock now)



Codeweavers Crossover Software LifeTime Subscription (Team behind WINE)
for the first 100 customers
Hurry only 47 left / 100 USD OFF


This is really good, like making my BS alarm go off good. Like I’m going to buy it even though I don’t need a power supply good.


Samsung 860 EVO 1TB M.2 SSD for $125

MSI 34" 21:9 1440p 100hz for $345

MSI 24" 1080p 144hz VA for $170

HP S700 500GB SSD for $60

Alienware AW568 keyboard with brown switches (probably kailh) for $46 after couponcode “HOLIDAY18”


MSI NXG251R 24" 240hz 1080p G-sync monitor for $350

LG 144hz 1440p 32" VA monitor for $300


gogogo pretty solid for double SATA speeds not very fast compared to nvme top parts



correction 1920x

$399 on newegg (by 3rd party seller)


tempted dont really need another batter tho, but still a good deal ugh


not posting the link