Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)

Hey guys, I am creating this thread as a place to dump places where you see good online or in store Black Friday sales.


I am tempted to buy this

that does look tempting…
I wonder how the canadian sales will be this year, lets hope I find soem good ones.

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Do Canadians even have sales?

Everything that I find on Reddit that is related to sales is for the states.

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I checked canadian new egg on that M.2, if I converted its price to canadian its $153 CAD, but on canadian Newegg its $199 CAD… so we just get screwed over as usual.

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Honestly that should be illigal to charge literally 1/3 more than the original price…


it’s not charging extra, it’s canada’s taxes, and importing costs they have to cover. Which unfrotunately, they have to pass on to the consumer.


ill probably ask my US friend to buy them and send them over to me, avoid those prices.

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I’m curious how Amazon handles procurement. Isn’t Canada and the US in a bit of a trade spat right now?

Canada seems to have higher (sales) taxes than the US. Vancouver has a total tax of 12%. (does canada include tax in sales prices? US doesn’t, so that accounts for 1/3 of the markup, and the currency conversion makes up the other:

Do people honestly forget about the exchanges?

Images of my checkout:

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Isnt canada and US always in some sort of trade spat lol? In canada I know there’s different taxes that apply to different provinces and Territories,

Canadian Taxes per Province/Territory

But on most sites I go to like amazon, theyll have taxes applied to items seperately, I’ve never bought from Newegg (as I usually buy locally for PC parts); but I just noticed theres no charge for the taxes… odd

Newegg M.2 Pricing on checkout

Nah, NAFTA was in place for a long time, and it wasn’t until the current countries respective heads of state started a pissing contest that things turned south.

RE: your image, you need to put in your post code so they can calculate your taxes. I’ve just whited mine out for opsec.

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OHH DEAR, yeah taxes now added here… good lord imma call my US friend to get it and ship it to me ffs
Woops, final price: $225.99 CAD - or $170.00 USD


Oh damn, that’s definitely not good. I remember hearing about UK including their sales taxes in the item price, so I just assumed Canada did the same.

So, that’s a markup of 46%. After taking into consideration exchange rates.


That pissing contest today I am pretty sure comes from America though.

and thats With a current %20 off sale too :skull:

I’m trying not to get into politics here. Probably shouldn’t have said anything, huh.

I’m sorry you live in a place without cheap technology. :frowning:

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USB-C to USB-A would make a nice peripheral, because most of my devices are only USB-A. The first USB-C device I got was the Nintendo Switch anyways. My phone is still micro-USB.

I am hoping for some deals on some server components or Hard Drives or even just an actual refurbished servers that go on Ebay for relatively cheap anyways such as this:

Now that would be one good holiday season for me.

USB-C Flash Drives would be quite handy, they would be so tiny though. USB-C accessory are becoming more common for sure, now my current laptop has a USB-C port so at least I can utilize it for USB-C devices without an adapter.

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