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Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)


That’s why I shared it. I just don’t know if I really have a use for it. :confused:





also up to $173 now


Yeah, what’s dell smoking?


That business customers dont give a fuck?

Also its a bit cheaper had the 240w one selected



Yeah, that’s probably true. I guess they just don’t care about enthusiasts.

Yeah, so there’s the 240w and 180w one. 240w unit is more expensive, but for the XPS, you really don’t need more than 180w.


to be fair who runs a laptop that need 240w


Some of those gaming laptops do, but do they have TB charging support?


Can TB even run that much power?
“Using USB-C on copper cables, it can incorporate USB Power Delivery, allowing the ports to source or sink up to 100 watts of power”


Hmmm interesting. I don’t know why those have such a high power rating then. Must be internal usage then.


this kinda makes sense but still is stupid


I just want some RAM for my laptop 16GB DDR4 SODIMM but all I am seeing is about $120 for the cheapest.
At least on amazon.
I do see some for $100 on newegg but do I really want to wait?


you should try other sites as well my ECC ram was cheaper on


Made up my mind, I went for an RX 570 8 GB. I’d go for the RX 580 but I got to put money towards other things as well so I thought this would be the best GPU.

I opted for this one:


DAMN that’s a good deal.


Indeed. The 4 GB one is also a great deal too at only $139.99 but I figured it would be worth the extra $30 for extra 4 GB of video memory.

In case anybody’s budget is too tight, the 4 GB version is literally the price of an RX 560:

In case anybody only needs a GPU for HTPC purposes or needs a basic video adapter that’s modern, there is an RX 550 going for $75:

So the RX 580, 570 and 550 have some good deals but the RX 590 and 560 does not.

There was also a Vega 56 for $339 on Amazon but I think someone pointed that out, may wanna get a better fan though:


Got this for the wife awhile ago recommended


They wont drop below $100 per 16gb stick the good ram prices back in the early mid ddr4 days was $150 for 32gb so 100 is about the best you can expect imo


66€ for 250GB

nur € 249,-





LG 32" 144hz 1440P Freesync for $300

16GB DDR4 3000Mhz memory for $90 with coupon code TWITCHPRIME (prime members only)

WD RED 4TB HDD for $100 with coupon code BF4BREDSALE

Logitech G900 mouse for $69

Crucial 250GB SSD for $34 after coupon code HOLIDAY18