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Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)


you already have yours


You can never have enough cores.

Also, not yet. It’s supposed to be arriving today. I’m camping out at the front door with an AMD shirt and foam finger. Will update as the day goes on.




Eh, it’s all good. Looks like the deal’s off anyways.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


sigh not posting a pic and doxxing myself.

Also I have work to do today.


I’m more looking for the shirt and foam finger.


Man, now I think I need to get one.

Wear it to CES, stop by the Intel booth.


While asking for the 28 core, 5GHZ goodness that was showed off at Computex.





Well I pulled the trigger… no sale coming from the looks of it. Kinda glad I did, pulling 250 to 325 watts nominally while gaming and I haven’t even done iRacing yet. Also haven’t ran with the video card overclocked. Probably was not a healthy situation with my previous UPS.


Im still waiting… already waited over two months… gotta stay strong.


I know… but based on the wattage I was doing just with ESO, I’m thinking iRacing will be 100 more (we’ll see tonight, streaming + racing with high graphics settings) putting it in the high 390 to mid 400 range. That is close to the max of the previous one so I was flirting with disaster. And this is without the 1080 Ti being overclocked which is safely another 100 on top of that.