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Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)


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Or…stuff gets cheaper? I paid ~120€ for my 3TB HGST. A year later the 4TB version was priced the same.
When I bought my first 120GB SSD it was 75€. Now you get more than 3x the capacity for the same price.


with time, yes. and sales. in combi: nice things for not that much money.


You could basically almost build two 1700X machines for the price of a single TR machine.
If we dont talk about gpu’s.


MSI Video Card Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8G OC


damn 100 euro shipping fees to europe… xD



check out my post thats for german shops, maybe shipping is not that much from GER



You can check out Ivacy’s VPN deals too. Right now, one of them is like USD 80 for 5 years. As always, make sure to read the policies, check out a couple of reviews or take it up to their support if you want to feel sure about going ahead with it or anything for that matter. Better safe.


Oh exactly! I couldn’t buy Original Destiny’s DLC because of that on PSN. So I had to sell that copy get it again through the US ID.


where did that ps4 deal go to? got lost somewhere.


Dell’s TB16 Thunderbolt Dock is on sale, $139 (this one is known good on Linux)

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Amazon refuses to list 2500u’s from low to high, and insists these 2200u’s to the mix


Browsing Amazon has always been a bit frustrating.


Orderd it might work better then the other one the wife ordered and might return that one


Getting irritated as I’m trying to maximize my toy moneys and these irritating behaviors rise up like that, for example, tab reloading and syncing to other tab for no fucking reason



I’m tempted to order it as well, but I’m already hemorrhaging cash.

Dude, I don’t even know what to say about that. Might use camelcamelcamel?


Its worth it at the price for sure not gonna beat that price


I’d like to get one of them 2500u laptops, and atm most reasonable deal I’m seeing is this HP Notebook 15 for 479€, BUT it has only 4GB ram

Same with 8GB + HDD, 699€
Dont care about that HDD, ill be just tempted to replace it