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ASRock X370 TaiChi Motherboard Review- Ryzen | Level One Techs


lol for those following the drama .. I was contacted by another support person ... they blamed windows again so ... I pulled my SSD's and slapped in a hard drive I had lying around ... oh the horrors of installing Windows on a spinning drive LOL .... but .. .just as I thought .. fresh install and :

but .. Im at 3.8G 1.376v rock solid stable ... just not the ram it should be :frowning:


Do you have superfetch disabled?


Taichi & 1700
Flare X profile tightened to places

Teh learning curve

  • @wendell linked stick pics to lounge which I bravely dialed in, and they ended up working

  • Had honestly no idea what to do with this gigantic settings list, and I tried to find any notes for where do people start poking these memory settings

  • Couldnt get CL12 to work and 13 just went back to 14

  • Then did plea @catsay to provide mental support for my new found interest and ended up poking that tRFC as it was "raggedy close to the edge"

  • Was still randomly poking something and did note that 3200 and 3333 can be roughly same by adjusting tRFC and @catsay did show me whats going on with math, and made proper thread about it which was a bit leap to really understand as I never do any math

  • Ran memtest till 150% with 3200MHz "stick pics" and tRFC 249, what tested my infinite patience
    While just listening music I saw that nobody is commenting to @catsay's thread and is just pressing that like button, so I chuckled that its because its "absolutely autistic, :heart: like" and felt that I should figure it out and managed to use that math my own way

  • Then as I had just concluded that Warframe is even better GPU stability test than Witcher 3, I figured to just try if its also exploding memory? So, did start Warframe and I managed to basically turn around my character and PC did just shutdown

  • tRFC 250 turned out to be Warframe stable

  • Ended up completely Warframing these sticks, like just one by one set lowest setting which boots and then play some Warframe

Warframe behavior
Shutdown or Crash when finishing Warframe maps
Shutdown when quitting game
Bluescreen when restarting for next setting
Once it did crash to red screen

Ryzen 1700x with new mainboard bios showing -20C° temps?

We need topic guides like this! :slight_smile:


I thought there was already one.


I know this is an old thread but I figured I would post my final ‘fix’ … It was incompatible ram … I bought some G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) Model F4-3200C14D-16GFX which was actually an upgrade from 16 CAS to 14 CAS … and it is working perfectly

It would seem that the Hyper X version I had was close to being compatible … it was listed for the 4x4Gig version but I guess it wasn’t working with the 2x8Gig models


Same series of RAM doesn’t mean it’s the same ICs or even the same IC manufacturer :frowning:


well I’m glad I got some working ram and didn’t waste the time sending the motherboard back like Asrock suggested :smiley: … now I have other issues with the power schemes that I created another post for :smiley:


UEFI / BIOS 3.10 is out today, including update to AGESA

Anyone try it yet?


It would be a big help if Asrock would explain real clearly what changes in bios and what advantages a new bios will bring to a motherboard…


They did post a changelog somewhere. No ram changes or init algorithm changes but mostly big fixes and some new options.


Just received my board today. Once I get my system built, I’ll let you guys know.


Agreed. The same could be said of most motherboard vendors though.

Yep, but it’s a bit vague as to what has actually changed. I’d like to know the differences between AGESA, &

Anyway - I’ll flash the UEFI on mine and see what happens.

Sadly my Ryzen CPU is an early one which segfaults under heavy compilation in Linux, which is exactly what I bought it for. It’s a lot more stable with “uOP Cache” disabled in the UEFI, but I still don’t trust it 100%.
I gather AMD are now RMAing these, so will consider starting that process next week.


Is there anyway to confirm if you have one of these early CPUs without testing it?


Unfortunately not, as for testing the best method is to run mprime to stress the CPU and attempt to compile something at the same time. I tried this with gcc 7.2.0 but most things will trigger it if you have a faulty chip.

If you want more information on the fault you can look here:


There is a date code etched on the CPU lid.
Mine is “UA 1711PGS” which means week 11 of 2017.
If yours is week 25 or later, it may be OK - but as @MichaelLindman says above, the only way to know for sure is to stress test it.


Well, having just updated the BIOS to 3.10, I can report it updates the CPU microcode from 0x8001126 to 0x8001129.
I wonder what that fixes…

@wendell - FYI


Start your RMA process NOW already.

You will be asked to provide a bunch of screenshots and pics of your case setup, and then still have to wait until they have sourced a validated part. So that takes a while, you can save yourself a bunch of headache and waiting by getting that out of the way as soon as possible


FWiW: This is the first time I have seen a Week 11 1800X PGS Ryzen chip.

Usually I’ve only come across UA 17XX PGT/SUS/SUT.

What those mean is also described in my article that Michael linked above.


hey was looking for a up to date review of the x370 taichi and found this i don’t know if anyone knows about it but looks like someone has re-posted the vid from level1 on the taichi