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ASRock X370 TaiChi Motherboard Review- Ryzen | Level One Techs


That and because most support isn't even the company anymore .. its some outside source who usually has no idea about the product at all ... I guess I'm old school ... back when companies actually supported their products and didn't just take your money and run


Unfortunatlly its not like in the old days anymore.
Most of the time for large companies its just easier to replace the product,
then to troubleshoot stuff really.


I knew I forgot a point I wanted to make. Another reason manufactures don't bother supporting their product especially if their product has electronic components, it cost more to have someone diagnose problems with their products than just replace them.


well... I think I would rather "test" it by spending another 150 dollars from some G.SKILL TridentZ and see if that works .. if not I can always use the ram when I update my server again and then at least I would know that it wouldn't be a waste of time and money sending it back ...though it would have to wait a month so returning to newegg would be out of the question at that time.

As of right now ... I'm running at 3.8g 1.376v perfectly stable .... the system is running great other than the "recognition" of the ram ... I cant see it being a hardware failure .... it sounds too much like a software issue ... if it was hardware my system wouldn't be running so good. It would have to show its face in something other than 'reserving' 8g of ram ... the MB is just not seeing the ram properly ... and that sounds like it can be fixed in software ... I guess I have some decisions to make :frowning:


That is really wierd... cause when I had an issue with my asrock tai chi mobo I contacted them and they said I should return it to them for an RMA... that was before I realised all I had to do was pull out the battery and let it sit for a bit... I got great support from ASRock...


I can feel how frustrating this is for you john1, I just have to comment in the slim chance that my suggestions may help out.

I would reset the uefi, pull all power from the board, icluding the battery then leave for a few minuits.

I would remove the cpu and ram and have a good look at the board for any damage to the pins and in the ram slots with a good magnifing glass or jewelers loop, even a slight bent connection or anything looking different to all the other pins / contacts could be your problem. also look for scratches around the motherboard just incase.

all being good I would replace the cpu / heatsink/ battery and be very sure its set on the cpu straight and level (so no odd presure on the CPU socket and pins in the case of a week connection in the motherboard etc.)

reboot with it set to defaults at least once befor adjusting settings, just to make sure the settings have taken (sounds a bit overkill but its free :slight_smile: )

set the motherboard to run the memory training setting thing at reboot with new settings as you try them and reset to defaults between any changes. (just to be sure its clearing out any thing you do not want left behind)

Also be aware that if the motherboard has over volted the CPU with the LLC settings and a High Vcore, I'm not sure but maybe its damaged the memory controller as its in the CPU and not all on the Taichi


I really don't understand your issue with their support. You told them your issue, they probably know what the issue is and tell you to replace it because it's either a) non-repairable or b) too costly to repair, and so a replacement is cheaper. You don't pay for the replacement anyway. Also I don't know how it is for you, but here a vendor usually sends you a return voucher so you don't have to pay for the postal service to get it to them.

Getting a response like that in a day is actually good support.

Also regarding the outsourcing. Yes, of course they are outsourcing support like most companies do these days. That doesn't mean the people who work there have no idea of the product. On the contrary, a proper outsourcer will work together with the company to train their employees so they know the product. You have no idea how fast an outsourcer can be replaced if they are not satisfactory for the company. Especially if it's about support, because "bad" stories from support spread like a wildfire.

Also source: I worked in customer support for quite some time. By my experience outsources have even better quality then in-house support at times, because outsourcers always have the threat of getting their contract canceled, not so much with in-house support.


So with Taichi LLC it goes 1=high 5=low

Should be stamped somewhere because thats scary setting to set wrong ways :smiley:


It shows you a graph next to the setting IIRC.

Also, I guess manuals are a thing :stuck_out_tongue:


basically the trouble I have with their support response is this ..... basically it was just like your response to me. Just guess work with no technical knowledge. Their exact response was "I would suggest you contact the seller exchange a m/b first. Hope new replacement board resolve the issue. " Not, "Yes this sounds like an issue with the motherboard ... contact your seller and exchange the board." they say .. yeah .. try replacing the board ..hopefully that will work for you.... It sounds like someone replying on a forum not a technical support person who is giving you information about the actual product.

As for outsourcing .. yeah back in the day support wasn't bad being outsourced ... I used to work for an Outsourcing company doing Sony VAIO support ... but that was back in 98 ... now .. they usually send it to India and the person on the other end of the phone deals with 50 products and none of them that they have ever even seen before let alone been trained on.

Lol if you hadnt joined in 2015 and since I posted this link in the email hoping that they would look at what I have done already ... I would have thought you were the tech that replied trying to justify his poor quality service.


this was suggested before ... and already done ... someone else suggested the batter removal ... tried with no success ... Wendell suggested reseating the CPU ... when I did .. I did check everything out for bent pins and any other possible issues ... and still no difference ... yesterday when I went to bed I unplugged the pc and removed the battery just for the heck of it and left it for basically 6 hours ... and booted this morning same thing.

As I said ... I think it's the uefi is not right yet ... not the board .. I cant see the board having some major mechanical failure and be able to run the pc at 3.8G with no issues at all other than the wrong management of ram.


sorry john1, not paying attention.


lol... it happens :smiley:


Manuals are in case nothing shows how should I plug these kawaii tiny case wires and then it goes back to box :joy:


Unless you have a Gigabyte mainboard:

More boards should have this. And I can't find anything similar as a standalone 2cent item...


My ASUS Sabertooth also had that, so I was a bit confused by Taichi but maybe nobody has just asked ASRock to do that


Someone get a 3D printer and make a fortune out of it.


Well basiclly if mobo manufacturers would just standarize their front panel case connections.
Then the cases them selfs could make just a single connector on their wiring.
Which would make things allot cleaner and easier.
But yeah, seems like mobo manufacturers have not thought about that.


yeah, I'd be interested why that isn't in the ATX spec to begin with... though for a "helper plug" like this luckily it wouldn't need to be standardized, it's more about the convenience of putting the pins in outside the case. Maybe one day... one can hope :slight_smile:


Yeah Asus was pretty much the first with their Q connector.
Some other brands have taken it aswell.
But Asrock has not i think.
But if that was just standarized, then case manufacturers could just make an easy plugin for that.
Then everybody would be happy.