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ASRock X370 TaiChi Motherboard Review- Ryzen | Level One Techs


Low timings are good - and those are quite low for DDR4 :slight_smile:
However, lower timing will make it more difficult to achieve high frequencies. If you want the frequency to go up (say, so the infinity fabric benefits as well), you may need to accept higher timings. Wendell recently uploaded a memory overclocking guide for Ryzen, you may want to have a look at that:

If you only care about RAM's own performance, then 2400 CL12 isn't bad at all.


That model of Ram wants Command Rate (CR) set to 2T. AM4 motherboard UEFI tends to default to 1T. I know that ASUS doesnt have the CR setting open for User change. Asus has released a special Bios to support CR 2T. Dont know about AMD

Does Asrock allow you to change the CR ram timing setting??


Techpowerup just gave the taichi 10 out of 10...
You know you are in for something when their only complaint was the lack of SLI bridge...


Asrock really has become a premium brand in terms of quality over the last few years.
Now they finally seem to get some credits for that.
Would be cool to see someone of their US marketing guys on a show someday.

As far as X370 boards are concerned.
From all the X370 boards currently out there, the Asrock Taichi and professional gaming,
are some of the best out there imo.


I think no, at least I have not seen such setting in BIOS and I wondered all over it and also I heard that 2T causes very bad performance degradation on Ryzen anyway so might be bad tradeoff.


The pricing of AM4 Boards in general is kinda weird though... Isn't the Taichi like $200 US and the GB Gaming 5 like $250 US-ish? In Germany the Taichi starts at €260-ish and the Gaming 5 starts at €210-ish. The Taichi looks really stylish and.. damn 16 phases, but €260 for the board is hefty... Even though €200 isn't exactly cheap either, but then again it's a new platform. Also I kinda like the LED positioning on the Gaming 5 (even though I'm not a big fan of disco-style-RGB, I like it when accented).

OK nevermind, the Gaming 5 also came down a bit since I last checked... around $200 US now too...


sounds like it is time to return your Ram and get some samsung b-die


Best recommended RAM right now if you want the max performance with Ryzen.


i would agree with that


This ^

@wendel get the ASRock guys on the show and ask 'em about IOMMU groups!!!

I've been REALLY happy with my ASRock X99 board, so if they sort out IOMMU groups on the TaiChi, I'm in. If they can't sort out IOMMU groups, then I'm going to do a refresh on my X99, instead.


Yes I know this RAM and actually have a kit in a store nearby in stock at 3200 14-14-14 timings and I know it will work but it is 50% more expensive than what I paid for this dud... So even now I would rather stick with the dud...


Is there a possibility that the issue with IOMMU groups could be addressed through a bios update in the future?
Are there "precedents" for this for other motherboards?


yes and yes


I have to say after the old FX mbs the new X370 Taichi has some pretty sweet stock sound.


Seeing a lot of price gouging going on over this motherboard, some vendors are selling it for £300+

Which is sad :frowning:


Really ? 189 us back at release. Had to wait for it ? :frowning:

Went up 10 dollars here and still not in stock ?


Well the Taichi basiclly is currently one of the most highend X370 boards on the market.
There also seems to be a stock issue with X370 boards in general.
Thats why some vendors ask top money for it.
Uphere the Taichi goes for arround €230 to €250,- ish.
And the X370 profession gaming goes for arround €300,- to €330,-


I think the x370taichi was the best board in release for ryzen cpu's...and I have no complaints about it at all... i paid 368$ canadian for it. I am not sure how that compares to anywhere else.


[Beta] Windows 7 USB Patcher ver:
*Windows7 USB Patcher for AMD AM4 series motherboards


ooh good... i guess I can go back to win 7 if I want to.