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ASRock X370 TaiChi Motherboard Review- Ryzen | Level One Techs


I have not tried it..... Just new


Yeah Asrock is awesome in that regard.
They also provided an Windows7 patch for Kabylake wenn that came out.


Yep - those boards are like unicorns, made from military grade unobtainium. Rare as rocking horse sh1t right now.


$368 CAN is a lot! I purchased mine through a local Micro Center for $154.99 USD after $15 mail-in rebate, and $30 in-store discount for CPU (R7 1700) bundle purchase. Very happy with Taichi performance and super thrilled re: price paid. How much of that was taxes?


Ya welcome to Canada,,, what did they call that free trade? LMFAO... nothing free about that trade. That 368 $ was including the shipping, insurance etc...


Did you manage to run F4-3200C14D-32GTZ with X370 Taichi at 3200 mhz? I'm planning to buy it so it will be great if you share your experience with it.


This is kinda funny :smiley: I like hearing him rant... idk :smiley:


it gets better


I flashed the lastest.Reset my ram timings and did not look back ? I am not overclocking the cpu. Looked the same to me. ? I do not know why he is not building his profiles and saving them.


That's not the point. He explains it towards the end of the video. He wants/needs to step up the frequency bit by bit. And that resets everything, loading a profile doesn't help you when the next change wipes the settings anyway.


I have not managed to get it to 3200 I did an RMA and I am still waiting for my ram to return. No fault of G.Skill they sent it back to me the same day they got it. It hit Vancouver and now I wait on the oh so reliable Canada Post... it won't be more then 3 months I am sure.


apparently after buildzoid made the vids asrock contacted him and asked what he wanted out of the bios they updated it which is # 2.30 or something like that and their will be another version later down the road that will be even better.
which is really cool of them to seek out reviews and change the product to make the customers experience better.


Imo that's not "really cool", that should be expected of every company, but that may just be me...


i mean yes it should be expected but now adays it's often not the case. "nice to see" better?


tiny tom logan was basically .........meh


While it is good for companies to seek the best user experiences for their customers, pleasing a particular, very vocal consumer may not necessarily achieve that goal.
I mean, of course, unless all that user wants is to get rid of a bunch of obvious bugs. But I'm thinking more in terms of a general policy of approaching high-PR-impact types and just tailor products to them.



I watched this earlier today. This guy is amazing.


That review was kind of Meh.

On a lot of the graphs he showed there wasn't much difference between boards at all, but he made it sound like a huge issue.


I have not looked at it real close. It is not his usual approach. I got tired of flashing bios and just stopped. Waiting for things to sort and settle. Between asrock/windows/games/applications , I can wait for everything to catch up.