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Ask L1Techs Anything!


Who would in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?


There were quite a few people that did like the book club.


I was one of them but just do not have the time for it.

And for the sake of not derailing, another question.

Q: how much does a duck weigh, no conferring on the answer.


The computers they use when filming the News run Linux. You can see the Gnome Shell browser add-on immediately to the right of the address bar.

I assume the ones powering the displays at the back of the set also run Linux. I recall Ryan complaining about it when they were having flickering issues.


M&Ms or Skittles?


Can forum field trips be a thing?

Like you know how in school every now and again you go on a field trip. Let’s have the same thing, but instead of going to the museum or whatever, we could go to like the Apple campus or something… IDK. I think that it would be cool. And I have never heard of a forum based field trip before. But then again, those get together type conventions are basically field trips. :thinking:


Forget Staci, I wanna know about her mom. (I hear she’s got it going on)


What happened to this?


Seriously. This was an awesome thread.


I’m kind of surprised that Wendell and Eric are friends. Eric and Ryan, on the other hand, would make perfect sense.


Is Wendell a personality of Kevin Wendell Crumb?


I think we are going to have some pretty good and fun content from this.


Would Wendel be up for joining a linux unplugged episode one day?


Can we have more Allan Jude videos?


Just heard Ryan mention that he has a knife in his pocket on the Level 1 News… So this begs the question… What do you guys EDC?


Do any of you play tabletop RPG? If so, what RPG and what is your character?


have/would you join the darkside and watch anime?

and could this be a monthly thing instead of once per call of duty?


Will there ever be a part 3 and part 4 of the linux gaming series??


Do you know how fast stuff is changing?!?! Lol they shot. Working on editing.


Yeah, that’s why I haven’t asked. I’ve been shocked with the progress we have had in the last few months.