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Ask L1Techs Anything!



Ask us whatever you like (within reason!). Questions like:

  • Why does Wendell call himself a computer janitor?
  • Does Krista’s arm hurt carrying that giant iPad around all day?
  • Will Ryan ever get a kitty cat?

The only thing we ask you to avoid is specific troubleshooting questions: while it’s nice that you value our opinions on your upcoming build or tech support issue, the Q+A video is probably not the best time for it (and we promise the forum community is happy to provide input if you post there).

We will be filming this next week (Feb 20). Post your questions in the comments below or send them to us @Level1Techs on Twitter.


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how did the 3 of you come to know each other, and start levelone?

  • How often does Krista go into the server closet?

There was that one video where she swapped out Wendell’s amd64 box for the Cavium, so she’s been there are least once. Does she actually know her way around in there, or was that for the shoot?

  • If yes, how’s her cable management?

  • What breed of cat does Ryan want?


What’s Ryan’s favourite Taylor Swift song?


What is your current video workflow?


What’s your favorite thread on the forum?


For Wendell:- Do you still use the Epiphan USB capture device on a regular basis? How has it been for you?


How often do you perform a clean install your OS? After a certain time period? Only with big hardware changes? Only for big OS updates? Whether it be Windows or Linux.

For all three of you: what’s the first thing you like to put on your new computer? Besides software updates and drivers.


When are you guys going to do another “Level 2 Techs” video? That had me in stitches.


What are your long-terms goals with both the local business and level1techs?


Plans for a L1 LAN event?


Will Wendel and Ryan be in the wedding party? Can we get a version of drunk news from the reception? Will Ryan still be drinking alone at the reception?

With the latest mess on YouTube (Vox taking down Lyle’s video for the f*** of it) on top of all the monetization issues how seriously are you guys going to be looking at Floatplane as it matures? Is there a golden feature you would need to switch primary content to FP (still put videos there but not really care whether they are monetized or not)?


How many Threadrippers does Wendell own?


How did each of the L1T team get involved with technology?

Has Wendell ever contributed to the Linux kernel?

What’s your favorite piece of technology of all time, why?


This is a good question.


what are your ages ?
and what is your level of education ? And would you have done anything different (in terms of type of education and/or form) if you had to do it over again in 2019 ?
what car does Ryan drive ? and how many guns does he have in his compound ? :smiley:

and of course the biggest question. How big is Wendell’s StarTrek collection ? (also let Christa and Ryan answer part of this because we will never hear the full truth from Wendell)


most versatile LinuxOS of all time to be used by the masses as desktopOS ? (stability, hardware/graphics support, all round )


what’s been printing recently on the mk3? pics?


I would be interested to hear how Wendell was inspired to start his consulting business.