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Ask L1Techs Anything!


I’m a relatively new follower, so I don’t know if any of this has been discussed in videos before.

I hope you at least answer some of these:

  1. What, in your respective opinions, would you like to see more of from the established tech companies such as, for example Nvidia, AMD, Intel, RedHat, Cisco, Asus, IBM, and others? Embracing open source more is a given, but what else? Anything else more specific?
    I saw the ‘Building Your Own RISC-V CPU With SiFive’ video and was quite impressed with what they’re doing and their approach, even though what they’re doing is for a very niche market.

  2. What’s a problem you have that a piece of equipment, hardware or software could fix, but doesn’t exist (yet)?

  3. What would you like to improve on about yourselves (channel, content, videos) in the future?

  4. What (No spoilers on upcoming videos) are you most excited about regarding computing and computer technology?


First of all, thank you for some really nice content.

Is it possible to make more videos in the future that are similar to the btrfs, raid, zfs, memcp videos Wendell made a year or more ago? I really enjoy them, especially because Wendell elaborates and goes deep enough into the subject, that something is learned and enough is known to get started on ones own.

Will there be more interviews with people like “the zfs guy”, sorry, don’t remember his name. That one really rocked my boat, getting some of the underlying understanding.

I really enjoyed watching the video with the arm server from Gigabyte, personally am very excited about this type of server and would love to see more non gaming related “geek” content along those lines. If nothing else, was nice to see Wendell that excited.


What is the biggest IT fuck up that you have done in your life?


That was Allan Jude. He’s cool.

He doee BSDNow on YouTube under Jupiter broadcasting.


I can tell I’m reaching my limit in the sauna, I read that as BDSMNow.


BDSM is the stuff.



Is there anything that Wendell misses from the time he spent working at Tek Syndicate? Also in regards to modding message boards if he were to do it on a regular basis how would he do it? Would he do it the same as done here or not?

Ryan do you still think you should bring the normies in? You mentioned it before and I have not seen a company move in that direection at all. Disappointed by this.


With the advent of new technology, the need for a full-tower PC for state-of-the-art gaming has all but disappeared. First the need for a 3.5" floppy went away. Then optical media disappeared. Then the 3.5" mechanical harddrive got replaced by 2.5" SSDs, and then even those got put into the m.2 form factor. The need for expansion cards for mice and joysticks disappeared with the advent of USB, and a dedicated sound card was no longer necessary once on-board motherboard sound circuits were good enough. With the advent of Ryzen 2400G, a discrete GPU seems to be next, as Ryzen 2400G today can rival many sub-$100 cards in performance, too.

So with all this in mind, it sure looks like the only two parts necessary for a full blown gaming rig will be a motherboard and a PSU. Do you think this will transform the form factor of a standard desktop PC to something less bulky, and would that be something many gamers and PC enthusiasts will strive for?


I can’t wait for those USB compute sticks to take off.

For 99% of people that’s all they would need for a desktop computer. Since most of the earths population just do basic stuff.

And with cloud gaming, they wouldn’t need a powerful GPU if they would want to bust out a game.


So Krista isn’t the only stocker here.


Welcome to the forum!


I think this is worth a whole community discussion. I’ve actually got a lot of thoughts on this and I’ve got both a mid-tower PC for gaming and an ultrabook with a eGPU, so I think I can provide a pretty good opinion of both. “extremes”.


How many questions do I get?

  1. That was it. Sorry


Ideally I’d like each of you to answer these separately :slightly_smiling_face::

  • What is your favourite pet project that you’d like to work on the most (if you had enough time and resources).
  • Which product you can think of (hardware, software, cookies, anything really,…) in your mind is the closest to being perfect.

Thanks for all the interesting content and your work! I really enjoy the niche hardware and Linux stuff the most and I’m happy like a child about any video in that area. … also Krista’s rare design related content!


Started a discussion on the Hardware -> Build your own PC forum, not sure if that is the best place to put it but…


Not likely. Discrete will always be more powerful. Integrated has many issues. Heat dissipation is one, performance is another. APUs are only good for mobile space and lowend desktops. Cores are increasing, performance too. But with more cores means less space for powerful gpu integrations. 200 dollar card will still be more powerful than 100 dollar apu.


Has to be heat and memory access, allthough the second one can be reduced by placing HBM on the CPU interposer.

I would guess you meant that the other way round. Then you have to keep in mind the cost of GPU + CPU versus APU.


His point was that a future apu is catching up to 200 dollar card performance. I am saying 2 years from now a apu may be as powerful in graphics terms as a 200 dollar card that is a few years old. So by then a 200 dollar card at the time will outperform a 100 - 150 dollar apu.


What is the oldest piece of still functional hardware that you have?

Functional == still good enough to do everything its supposed to do