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I am part of the problem of global warming!


Aren’t we all?


I fyou arent running a computer on algae then you be part of the problem.


I am a problem, not a solution…

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My pfsense got fucked. In a power outage, the bios got deleted somehow and the ssd isnt being read. Atleast the ram, gpu, and network card are fine. Plugged them into my old FX 8320 and now have pfsense up and running again.

Pfsense does automated backups now.

Wouldn’t have helped with the dead bios, but it’ll help not having to reconfigure all your stuff afterwards.

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Going strong. We are approaching a year of linux use. I have been satisfied with popos for the most part.



Battle station update mid 2022

Re organizing and moving furniture around.

2 x 65inch 4K 120 mini led panels. (Gojira)

1 x 240hz 32inch 2k g7 (center)

1 x 4K lg (right)

1 x zephyrus gaming laptop.

Main pc

64gb of ram

Guest pc

GTX 1070
64gb of ram

Quadro t600
128gb of ram


RTX 2080ti
64gb of ram

Mac mini m1 not in commission.

North very orderly

But I’m working on it.

Sorry for tv color not matching. I reset one of them. So one is not calibrated.

Joy… my mom just called me and asked if she won something from google. Thing is it was 1000% a scam, and she clicked it and now she cant get the screen to go off of her iphone. I swear… I have reiterated not to click on ads. I have pihole setup for her and she whitelists everything… Restarting the iphone brings the same screen up after a sign in…

Your first mistake was giving her access to the pihole admin

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ehhh. she kept complaining her sites were blocks. Like biglots and the like.

Tonight I play Runescape. Tomorrow I clean and organize my junk room!

What kind of guests do you have over at your place? I don’t mean to snoop around in your life but this is the adult version of “giving the nice controller to your guests” type of deal.

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More or less it is my backup that guests are allowed to use. Also i use it to encode video. All of my pcs are working to encode which is why i have a bunch of 16 cores.

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Totally makes sense. If you’re encoding video so often those CPUs absolutely put in work!
Are they rendering separately or in a network?

This seems neat. A more customizable homepage than heimdall. Homarr…

It has weather, calendar, clock and torrent integration. Pretty sweet imo. Categories are part of it as well.

Here is as far as I have gotten with it.

Reddit post on the subject matter.