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Apple losing me as a customer


That’s nice and all, but my issue with wireless headphones is that I have an unreliable BT connection in my car.

The media console will get an ‘error 10’ and the only way for it to work again with BT is to physically shut off my car and turn it back on again.

I primarily drive highway so this is not an option. An AUX cable ‘just works’ for me best. So I can see how someone else in my situation would consider not having something as standard as a headphone jack to be a real PITA.

Just buy a better car!

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The bluetooth in my car is so old it doesn’t work on any phone now.


Mine has like BT 2.0 1.1b I think. Still works with a BT 4.0/5.0 Master IIRC. Need to RTFM on that though.


Welcome to DongleLife™.


They work really well. Nice little upgrade to my car.


Yep, dongles suck when you have to carry them around all the time. This little thingie you just leave plugged in to your car. It’s not exactly slick, but it works.


Thanks for sharing that.


General use is BT earbuds/headphones, but I play Deemo heavily at times, I refuse to use wireless headphones for those types of games.


X device not working with peoples POS car is a complaint I hear a lot.

Just burn some CDs and stick to your ancient technology, problem solved.

I want convenience, but just the right amount, and with 20 years of backwards compatibility, and I’ll pay max $3,50 for it.

This is not aimed at you @Dynamic_Gravity, but generally


I understand. And yes, I have an old car because it’s what I can afford.

'02 Toyota Avalon XLS for those curious.

I have an Xperia XA1 Ultra ($350) for this reason. It’s good enough for what I do and integrates just fine what I currently have (more or less). Would I want something better? Sure! But its a little weird that something 3X the cost has less functionality that what I currently have.



I will lose headphones. Therefore I will never buy wireless headphones. Same reason I never buy expensive sunglasses. They’re easily lost and should be disposable.

And even then. Cars made as recent as 2016 STILL have shit Bluetooth or none at all, and I’m sure ones being made now still have this problem.

Then you can’t charge and play audio at the same time? They can lick my balls.


I have the beats X wireless headphones. They hang around your neck like a fugly necklace when you aren’t listening to music. I’m certainly less likely to lose them than sunglasses.


I will respectfully disagree, and say that the W1 chip is above and beyond a headphone jack in functionality.

On a side note; most people complaining about Apple removing the headphone jack are people whom will never buy an iPhone, in my experience.


You can, you just gotta buy yet another adapter in order to do it :wink:


Yes the automotive industry is pathetic, that’s who we’re blaming here correct?

Economy of scale is kicking in with wireless headphones, soon they’ll be disposable too for people who don’t take care of their shit.
Thanks Apple!

You can charge wirleless, but this is already an edge case.

[Insert “BUT I HAVE X CASE SCENARIO” comment]

Great. Buy a phone suited to your needs.

But but but Apple is doing this and now Android manufacturers too and Johnny Ive is the devil :disappointed:


Fair enough.

Guilty. :raised_hand:

Lol. The type of functionality is something out of the box, vanilla, without any dongles. Although, I suppose and AUX cable is considered a dongle? Since there’s no way to interface with my car without a cable. :thinking:


Sort of, but if you’re going to use an AUX cable with an iPhone by that logic you would need 2 dongles instead of 1. And that only applies to the car scenario. You still don’t need a dongle for earbuds if you have 3.5mm built into your phone.


Why don’t they just make earphones with a type c or lightning?


Both of those things exist. Apple includes them in the box.


They do, but lightning buds will only work with an iPhone or iPad. USB-C buds would work with more devices, but wouldn’t solve the AUX problem.

3.5mm built-in is still the most well-rounded option.