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Apple losing me as a customer


I LOVE apple. I’ve loved them from the Apple 2 all the way through my Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Iphone 6 plus to my Apple Watch with too many ipods, Performas etc to to list in between…

But they are loosing me as a customer.

First they don’t let you upgrade the memory. Always disliked that about my IPhones. Now they are doing it to their computers too.

Then they removed the headphone jack. I’ve refused to upgrade from my 6 plus because they have taken away the headphone jack. I use very expensive over the ear sound canceling headphones. I am a musician and artist and I refuse to own a phone without them. My wife has an 8 plus and it is no end of pain in the ass. Yes you can buy dongles but that is just IDIOTIC. And now they are doing it to their computers too… every thing is a dongle. Utter stupidity removing all ports on a device.

Then they implemented the notch. It’s ugly and annoying and it doesn’t “just go away” for me when I watch something on a phone with a notch. I was hoping that would go away… nope, they are doubling down and bringing it to all models.

Then they removed the home button and using facial recognition crap. There are too many privacy concerns I can’t even begin to express how stupid I find this “feature.” I didn’t even like the thumbprint sensor. Someone arrests you, or mugs you and knocks you out they can point it at your face or use your thumb and boom. All your financial information and passwords for all your banking sites instantly available. Likely to happen? No. Possible? Yes. I’m sure they have a way to turn it off but most won’t.

And why the HELL would I spend over 1000 on a damn phone? I thought my World Unlocked 6 Plus was too damn expensive, yet they are almost DOUBLING the price of my phone on the comparative new iPhones I would buy if I chose to buy a new phone.

Meanwhile the headlines are full of how they are raking in obscene profits.

They are loosing me as a customer because they are getting greedy and not listening to me, their customer. Forcing their crap we don’t want and taking away the very basic, fundamental things I do want.

I think I’ll look into the Purism linux phone when my 6 Plus dies.

Apple, you’ve lost me until you turn this crap around.


This is what’s great about having all of the other companies imitate Apple. Now you can have Apple level quality stuff, think of the metal notebooks and ultrabooks that are on the market now. But you don’t get the nasty terrible features that Apple puts out.

Of course their are manufacturers that copy Apple to a T, but those companies have a wide product range unlike Apple, so not all of their phones would have a notch, or be 3.5mm less.


Never used iPhone, but I am a fan of their laptops.

We bought 10 2018 Super 1337 MacBook RGB Cloud Machine Learning Business Analytics Pro and 2 of the touchbars failed regularly.

We’re all VIM MASTER RACE which is beyond pissening when the Escape key doesn’t work.

We bought 10 2015 Macbook Pro units lol. F*ck 'em. People so out of touch with who their consumers are (or maybe I’m wrong? Who knows?)

The problem I have with using other options is that the hardware is garbage compared to the Apple hardware (keyboard, trackpad, etc.). Apple’s is 1000 times better than what you buy over the counter with a Unix/Linux operating system.

Sad state of affairs. But we’re not going to upgrade our Apple models. Dell Precision or Thinkpad with Fedora (maybe) in the future. Not my decision, just what I’m hearing around the bend. They might give us Windows and just say use VM/WSL :grin: :scream: :grimacing:


Join the club, lucky I got out shorty after iPhone 2 came out and bought an andriod. You mite wanna check andriod + lineage OS…


Good for you bud


@far-bound I refuse to use any google devices as they have no privacy whatsoever unless you root them.

edit… looked at your link. Is that a differnet OS you put on a android phone?


emmm, lineage is a custom rom that you flash on your andriod phone… You don’t need anything that has anything to do wih google…

Google stuff, is refred to as GAPPS and lineage doesn’t have that shit. If you want to use the google play store you’ll need to install as system app…


That’s awesome!


I use pure akp for my andriod apps or you can use a 3rd party service that downloads from the google play store…

Here are some open-source apps…

My point is even using an andriod phone you don’t need to interact with google in any way.


That’s why I am looking at Purism phone. Pure Linux. No google OS or google apps/app-store. Also you can turn off permissions on an individual basis like on iOS. So you can tell the app “No, you can’t access location, no you can access microphone,” etc. Unlike almost all google apps which are all or nothing: you give it permission to access everything it wants or app won’t install.


Apple is actually enticing me to the dark side.

From the replies though, security doesn’t seem to be a key concern for you, so some of the things Apple has probably doesn’t mean much. In which case maybe Android/google/microsoft is a good choice.

In what way?

As far as im aware this is not true. Which computer?

From what I understand, videos do not go into the notch unless you double tap them. has this changed?

While some people don’t like the notch they are essentially just giving you a little more screen space. No notch? Smaller screen.

What don’t you like about it?

Most wont because you nailed it in the head. Those scenarios are so extremely unlikely to happen. And even if they did? Face ID still stop working in the following scenarios

  • The device has just been turned on or restarted.
  • The device hasn’t been unlocked for more than 48 hours.
  • The passcode hasn’t been used to unlock the device in the last six and a half days and Face ID hasn’t unlocked the device in the last 4 hours.
  • The device has received a remote lock command.
  • After five unsuccessful attempts to match a face.
  • After initiating power off/Emergency SOS by pressing and holding either volume button and the side button simultaneously for 2 seconds.

(pretty sure you also need to be alive for face id to work, at the very least you must be able to look at the phone with your eyes open)

Face ID could be argued that it actually encourages security as it requires a PIN to be set. And to be fair, even Apple say if there are concerns outside the scope (they list some occasionally) then using a PIN along may be a better option for you.

If you are worried about arrest, obviouly biometrics may not be the best thing to use, however, an iPhone may still be the best phone to use.

In either case i believe the US gov still require a warrant to search your phone.

What ones?
This data is stored on the phones secure enclave.

Still has that functionality.

I kinda like the finger print sensor though. It has its issues, arguably more so than face id depending on how far we have progressed tech wise.

I cant argue that a finger print sensor is good for using your phone on your table though as mine (pixel) has the sensor on the back of the phone, so im looking at it anyway…

That’s why they have sub $1000 phones and expect people to use them. they said it themselves on the event. 7,8, X, Xs, Xs max seems to be there supported lineup. the 7,8, and X all being sub $1000.

Did everyone miss that?

What should be looked out for is what the line up will be next year, if that’s the plan going forward or not etc.

On the security side… There aren’t many good alternatives to Apple.


This isn’t true. Apps have to request permissions. You can turn on/off individual permissions as well for apps in settings.


You talking about SD card?
That’s mostly a waste of internal space and not used by many.

On the flip side this kick-started the bluetooth headphone market.
I personally think having that little lightning dongle attached to your headphone cables is way less of an issue that some people make it out to be.

They have excellent thunderbolt 3 support on their computers, be mad at accessories makers that they are too slow to move to a new and better standard instead.

Gives you more screen real estate, I was bitching about it too until I got a phone with the notch and saw the benefits of having your statusbar there.

This was a very slow and bad way to navigate your phone in the first place, it was way overdue to be replaced, the gestures make it faster, and easier to navigate the UI.

It’s a good compromise between security and convenience.
Don’t like it? Simply use a pin code.

The have the 749$ model as well, which is in line with what previous high end iphones has cost.

They must be doing something right.


You won’t be coming back to apple it seems.


Purism sounds awesome (I ordered one years ago ) But at the moment andriod and lineage is all we got. Here are some screen shot of my offline phone (my online phone is broken at the moment)…


About phone:

Privacy lineage comes with Privacy Guard?:\

Not enough? Try MyAndriodTools:

App 2gis fuck your service and activity…:

Also full system log:

and there you go…


As someone who has rooted nexus devices left and right, I would welcome you to elaborate on this statement.

On average I would state the contrary might as well be true for custom roms.


Yeah I would agree. The argument that you’d get more privacy from a rooted phone is flawed.

You lose privacy going from Apple to Android, you may gain privacy depending very specifically on what you do to your phone and what you are trying to keep private from whom.

If total privacy is your ultimate goal, you simply shouldn’t have a phone. There’s no other way around that.


Besides my love of Apple it’s the number one reason I use it. I refuse to use Google or Microsoft Spy-ware as and OS.

About dongles. They are inconvenient as hell. And The newest macbooks require dongle for pretty much everythign as they have only two USB C ports and one Headphone jack (untill they get cheeky and remove it soon too).

So you need dongle or adapter for everything, which is damn inconvenient. My macbook once I shoot photos I pop in the memory card from my Sony Camera. New Macbook… nope need a dongle. I’m at a hotel overseas and they only have Ethernet port for plugging in, new Macbook… nope need a dongle. I want to plug it into a TV to show photos to my mom, new macbook… nope need a dongle… On and on and on. Not to mention how easily dongles are lost and expensive to replace with Apple ones costing big money and offbrand ones literally killing your macbook.

I’ll agree to disagree about face ID. I totally disagree with what you say. Easy for mugger to open your phone and there are MANY examples in the news of unscrupulous cops forcing people to open phone without a warrant. Hell fall asleep in a public place or at unscrupulous friends house and they could open your phone.

The cheapest of the new phones is 750 which is made with cheaper materials and specs and is still 50 dollars more than Top of the line Android phones.

So going forward the minimum will be 750. Also they will probably obsolete via iOS software update all previous phones in a couple years… Like they did with my Retina iPAD.

I LOVE Apple. But they have some crap practices and I don’t like where they are headed. I Love my upgradeable Mac Pro and Macbook Pro. I don’t like where Apple is going.

I used to have an S2. It required All or nothing access to install programs. Only way around it was rooting. From some videos I’ve seen on youtube it’s still a problem with most apps.

@tsk I loved removable, upgrade-able storage on almost all devices I’ve ever owned. I’ve upgraded just about every device I’ve ever owned too except my ipad and iphone.

I don’t like Bluetooth headphones, I love my very expensive over the ear studio reference headphones.

I do use the pin code.

The 750 is the new cheap, low quality matirial phone. 750 was the high end premium material phone. Big difference in scales of economics.



You can stop saying that now because you are making it more than obvious that you really do not


The dongle thing I agree and disagree in some respects, Apple seem to have gone for the force them to change approach (they seem to do it often). As @tsk mentioned its exploded the wireless headphone market. The downside is the wait for adoption.

I mean… why you would ever let your laptop touch a hotel network like that. Wear a condom id suggest :smile:

You saw their lineup of supported phones? And that they want you to keep your phone for longer?

This is a little bit ridiculous.

In the first instance. Has this ever happened? It seems more likely the mugger would stab you for not having change. Why would they force you to unlock your phone? They cant do anything with it. And you just remote lock it when you get home.

The second instance, well that would happen regardless then wouldn’t it? At least with face id you have a pin, and you can SOS the phone if you have it when your arrested.

For the third instance. Get new friends.

Not sure when you plan to fall asleep in public that someone would take your phone, pry your eyelids open and try to unlock your phone in one attempt.

Then im guessing you also have a USB DAC that you use with them to get the better sound?