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Apple losing me as a customer


if the phone market pushes the usb headphones/earbuds market; I wonder how that split will affect the higher end audio community, not just them but also the manufacturers designing these things.
I want to compare this move to the transition from Cassette to CD, but unless I see something to show that the usb C plug has a benefit over 3.5mm other than keeping things in one plug, I dont think its going to be transitioned as fast.


I have almost exclusively bought apple since the 80’s.

Another problem is when you travel. My wife is from the Philippines and I lived there for years and will retire there in a few years. It’s two to three days travel. Bluetooth Headphones average 10-25 hours depending on the brand. Carrying extra batteries can be a pain and I’ve had asian airlines refuse extra batteries. Even in the US you can get hassled on recharagbles - which is the only kind I buy.

A lot of extra hassle easily solved by a headphone jack.

Also does apple make an adapter where you can charge and listen? Our local Apple store did not have one.

Using non-apple products has a history of breaking Apple products, I’m leary buying any non-apple products. Louis Rossman has tons of video examples.


While I’ve pretty much given up on current gen Macs, I had still intended to stick with iPhones thanks to the steady stream of security updates. This may change my mind:

If this works as intended, I may pick up an OEM Android in a few months. The Pixel is just a tad too expensive.


There’s another problem other than security and OS updates. A lot of manufacturers drop features on new updates either because carrier disputes or developer laziness. The most recent and worse to come to mind is the reason I dropped my Xiamo Mi A1.

Had the phone brand new for not even 3 months before a new Xiaomi update (not android update) completely removes WiFi calling. Their reason is “cost to maintain with carriers.” And seeing as how I’m in a medical IT environment and on call for important shit and don’t have cell service with anyone at my house. They just fucked me and forced me to buy a new cellphone.

This is just one example of dozens. Nothing like that ever happens with Apple. And if it has it’s been fixed ASAP.


Not quite on topic, but in that case your employer should be paying for your phone. I got issued an iPhone when I got hired, but I have a 2nd personal one as well. The company one has Airwatch on it, so I like to keep my personal stuff separate.

Does this kind of stuff happen with the non-Chinese Androids (Samsung, Motorola, etc.?) Though I guess Motorola is technically Chinese now too…


I get a little over $100 a month for phone and internet bills from them. If I asked they probably would but it’s not worth the paperwork.


Mate, it (digital audio) is all just bits. Assuming the wireless bandwidth is high enough (and gigabit wifi is, bluetooth is, even half a megabit is PLENTY for even uncompressed audio), there is nothing that wires can do that wireless can not.

So long as the packets get from your handset to the earbuds at a fast enough bit-rate, the same data comes out.

What exactly do you think that wires can do that wireless can not?

The abundance of shit quality wireless headphones is not a fundamental problem with wireless technology. It is a problem with OEMs making garbage implementations.


Did you read it? Apart from 2 years being laughable in the first place, the headline is only ‘technically true ‘

It’s a minimum of 4 security updates in the first year and no minimum the second year. So… 5 security updates over 2 years out of 24 provided.

And it’s only security updates.


This is the part I was looking at:

By the end of each month, covered devices must be protected against all vulnerabilities identified more than 90 days ago. That means that, even without an annual update minimum, this rolling window mandates that devices are regularly patched.

Looking closer, it’s not 100% clear that this applies to the 2nd year after release. Even if it’s not, it’s still a step forward for the Android platform.

As I said, I intend to wait a few months to see how it shakes out…


It’s an improvement, I won’t disagree on that.

People love to complain, but if you add up the total cost of ownership of an iPhone compared to an android phone keeping into consideration important things like security updates. A $1000 iPhone compared to a $1000 note 9, your looking at nearer 500/300 a year for the note compared to 160 for the iPhone . The long term support it’s just unbeatable right now.


Reason number 51


Agreed. They won’t let go of the airpods sales too, of course. And yeah, some brands have followed suit. (like Huawei’s P20, etc etc.)