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Apple losing me as a customer


We have a server going on 9 years with support from dell still.

Also for this, one benefit with Dell over apple is the service manual for a good chunk of their premium line and their entire business line is readily available for download of their own site. First thing I downloaded for my XPS 15 (links to 9370, 9570, and 9575 service manual below).


Corporate support is not equivalent, these are again bad examples


So Dell is having customs confiscate parts at ports that are “counterfeit” whether they are counterfeit or not? It just happens this particular confiscation occurred just days after recipient made them look like shit? Well… crApple made themselves look like shit, just got exposed on it.


This has no bearing on the discussion at hand, but funny side-note, my Apple server will turn 10 next year. It runs ESXi 6.5 which EOLs in 2021.


Yeah, the 3.5mm jack is what I’ve been missing. Had my 7+ for almost 2 years now and I still miss the jack from time to time. I don’t see Apple adding it back in the future.

I’ve been eye-ing Note 9 too. Just maybe I’ll get the next note (until my current phone dies)


They won’t because wireless headphones have gotten really good because of it. They’ll never add it back, and all phones except $50 phones will lose the headphone jack soon.


ehh some headphones have gotten pretty good… but they usually cost around $200+. The general state of bluetooth headphones are still pretty bad sounding compared to a cabled headphone because EQs dont carry well over bluetooth, leaving you with usually a small narrow soundstage or frequencies that arent boosted right; depending on the way information is recieved and the hardware used if I recall correctly.


Counterfeit or stolen from the factory? I’d be intercepting them…




  • pay for non shit wireless headphones (that you can use with this and other devices, free from wires).
  • use the headphones supplied with the phone
  • use the adapter either supplied or available very cheap for whatever headphones you like

This is not a major problem


That story about the Latitudes doesn’t match my admittedly limited experience. I have a Latitude E6430 that has no problem running Skyrim for extended periods on it’s admittedly weak NVS 5200M.

Back on topic…my experiences with Macs has been decidedly mixed. My best overall experience was the Mac mini I had. Absolutely zero problems, no throttling or repairs required. I’ve had one refurb iMac that had GPU overheating/throttling issues, I think due to a failed heat pipe. I worked around that with an SMC control program that let me ramp up the fans.

But my worst overall experience has been with Mac laptops. In the mid 00’s I had a 2nd gen Macbook Pro, right after the switch to Intel. It had a dedicated ATI GPU, and it kept overheating. It took 4 trips to the Apple store to fix. Thankfully I had purchased Apple Care (aka Instant Poverty™) and to Apple’s credit they eventually replaced the logic board. But I was tired of fighting it, so I just sold it to my boss. Years later he reported that it was still working fine.

I recently bought a used 13" Macbook Pro with a broken screen to use as a desktop. And it also throttled horribly. I had to replace the heatpipe to get it to stop overheating. So I have very little trust in Apple’s laptop engineers. There is way too much emphasis on design over thermal management and performance.

That said I really like Mac OS. Too bad Hackintoshes are a pain to maintain and update.


The issues were fixed in the E6x10 models. E6x00 were crap.


I agree. From an aesthetics standpoint however, I would prefer if the background of the status bar was black, so it would not look so out of place and the status icons would look like they were on a separate display. It would also solve the layout issues in some of the apps.


I have used some apple products in the past like an iphone and,
worked with an imac aswell.
I personally dont really have much to complain about Apple products in general,
besides the price maybe.


Wires are what allows the sound to be enhanced in ways wireless cant enhance, it matters to a lot of people who actually care about their audio quality, its the reason why I bought apple products before.

good luck getting that in your $1000+ product lol, also good luck keeping it as its now the most lost item people have, also retailing for 60 bucks aint cheap, half the price of decent headphones for an adapter that would have cost cents to install in their devices.

This is a major problem, when lack of function and lazyness is considered an excuse to to raise the price


You mean $9?

Also don’t agree with this fully. There’s no difference really between wire and wireless in the end except maybe current bandwidth considerations.

I’ve not looked it up yet, but it would be interesting to see how aac and aptx actually fair as codecs compared to standard wired audio.

The thing is it’s also comparing apples to oranges again, as seems to keep happening. It’s fine to compare high end audio and say it’s better than wireless, but in the same past to complain about $9 accessory when you’re going to be buying usb dacs and Amps anyway…


Language Warning. Best video why I’d never buy a mac.


Oof yea got that price wrong as I had just woke up lol, but theyre gonna increase the price on them as well (so are google) and its even worse that it doesnt come included with their newer iPhones.

And there is a difference with wired and wireless, different DAC chips influence the sound you hear in different ways.

do you mean for the phone? because very few people buy amps or dac/amp portables for mobile use because its a mess to carry; and no DAC or Amp has Usb C comparability so adding a dongle adds to the mess. My v30 has it all built in, apple used to have it all built in as well, literally no need to get rid of it except for making a profit (like games cut content to sell as DLCs).
To say its to advance blue tooth audio isn’t really true, not much has changed with bluetooth audio for quite some time now, and devices sure haven’t implemented the new types into the standard headphones people buy so they still sound as bad as cheap $40 wired headphones.

in short, its a gimmick and only there for a profit.


Of course you would, because why should anyone repair a laptop you deem vintage. And you are ASSuming they are counterfeit or stolen, could very well be neither. Mind games like these are why I don’t buy crApple.


Agreed. That’s one of the reasons I went with the V35 when I switched back to Android. It sounds freaking awesome and I don’t need an adapter.


Lol we still have some HP G5’s which are still under a support contract. Granted they are not with Dell, but with a third party support.