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Aorus Master x570 Perfect UEFI Settings


Setup> advanced mode.

Enable xmp.
CPU vcore -> normal
CPU clock control 100.01


AMD overclocking >
Ddr and infinity fabric frequency/timings > if dividers > set this to half your memory clock. E.g. 3600 mem = 1800 in this menu. Note that I don’t recommend 3600 – 3533 or a bit less seems to work better. Try it but I’ve only got one CPU this works well on. But all of my CPUs except 1 are perfectly stable at even 1900if speed (just no proper boosting behavior with the fabric that fast… )

Ddr frequency and timings > controller config > gear down mode set to disabled.

Power down set to disabled.

Also, if your memory kit is designed for a 1t command rate, set that. Often if there is post squirrliness auto will lower the command rate which hurts perf.

help my nvme won’t show up

Settings > miscellaneous > pcie slot config then pick pcie gen3. This can also help if you have a riser card or extension cable (not recommended).

In general I recommend this if you have a samsung NVMe. I’ve got some 960 pros and 970 evos/pros I’ve been rotating through various motherboards and… yeah… samsung is a bit weird. Set it for PCIE3 as it seems to struggle with auto detection in some scenarios.

PB not working?

Are you languishing in 4.2-4.3 max boost clocks even for single core?

Set your memory speed to 3533 or less and set the fabric speed to match.

The aorus master is an impressive board. I have two 3900xs. Both can hit 4.5 all core with a manual oc. One can clock a bit higher but only on the first ccx.

In both cases it seems as though the second 3900x ccx has been binned somewhat lower than the first. At stock the second ccx tends to only boost to around 4.3 opportunistically though every now and again I do see one or two boost higher.

Check out these screenshots. This is on the Noctua push-pull U12A 120mm tower cooler with lots and lots of heatpipes. The heatpipes here plus the ryzen 3000 ccx layout is a particularly good pairing.

here is my Geekbench score on this system:

that’s pretty nuts, really.

did you notice the 3900x boosted to 4700 on one core? Yeah, crazy. 4550 running CPUz’ 1t testing.

So with this board the agesa will boost higher single thread with this CPU (4.6 in geekbench instead of 4.5 - 4.55) but the multicore score is closer to 40k than 43k.


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Didn’t someone ask you make this this type of thread, Wendell. It was either today… or maybe it was yesterday. I forgot who, now I can’t tag them.

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no PBO whatsover? aka leave it at auto?



thats coming but right now I can easily outperform PBO with manual settings that are not entirely unreasonable. (yes)



I have an X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi… If I enable XMP on my Kingston HyperX 3333mhz I fail to POST. Do you think those manual settings here would mitigate that issue?



enable xmp and up the ddr voltage to like 1.4v and try that?



The memory support sheet on Gigabyte’s page for my mobo says my RAM should run at that speed at 1.35v. The support page seems to show the XMP settings exactly, timings and all. I read elsewhere that people who have problems with XMP on X570 have had success manually setting their RAM to the profile/supported settings rather than using XMP profiles themself. I’ll try that. Thanks for the guide and help though!



I noticed some kits of memory should set 1.35v but are left on 1.2v. I set 1.35v manually and have been pretty solid. Overall my opinion of the memory controller on ryzen 3000 is that it is way improved over even ryzen 2000. It’s worked with everything I’ve thrown at it, and only ever required minor tweaking.

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I tried this with my crosshair viii hero and no joy.

cant seem to get this thing to boost beyond 4.3 when running geekbench or the cpuz bench

lowered RAM to 3466, and IF to 1733

I know you’re not a fan of this board already but do you have any thoughts as to what I might try next?



You will have better luck setting almost everything to AMD stock. Try pbo off but if you do pbo on, plugin 88w, 140a, 90a for the limits onna 65w CPU.

Can you save some screenshots out of your settings for me?

Voltage for ram, vddio, CPU, etc. Plus pbo, if. Memclk, etc.



Yeah, I just disabled PBO entirely in bios and it didnt seem to make any difference.

I did hit 4.45ghz all core but id really just like to let the thing boost on its own. I’m hitting around 81c like that.

This is where I’m at right now.

I set the ram back to its default 3600 and IF back to auto. Its a 18-19-19-39 kit that i’ve tightened up slightly to 18-18-18 + 620 on Trfc

quick grabs from bios



Performance bias disable and performance enhancer disable.

The cpuz numbers are pretty good – not too far off what you’ll get at 4.6+4.3 all core though.

When cpuz is running all core bench what frequency is RM reporting? And load on various bits?

Do you have “normal” for an option in CPU voltageM you might not which is k. I’m still at ltx so I cant do much



I will check those settings and see what happens.

The cpuz bench was done with TPUII so it was locked at that speed and voltage 24/7. I didnt check RM though. I believed coretemp for the most part. It showed 99-100% on all cores during the run and there was some not insignificant droop. I set 1.41v and it would get down to 1.35 under load. I dont know much about the ASUS LLC so that was left auto.

I believe the settings for vcore are auto, manual, and offset. By all means, dont go out of your way to help me right this second. I’m pretty happy with the setup so far. First AMD since bulldozer and first custom loop. It feels quick which is what matters. What kind of person would I be to put a custom loop together and not push it a little though :smiley:

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So without the auto core boosting and pbo off its bad news

I’ll try to turn pbo back on and test again without auto core performance boost.

Edit, same story. Core performance boost disabled means nothing over 3.8ghz



It’s just auto and disabled for core perf boost? K. That enabled but pbo disabled is probably good.

Temps seem high tho which suggests voltage settings are still wrong if this is a custom loop or your ambient env is 35c



Auto, enabled or disabled. Trying pbo with higher amp limits. I was hitting the 90a limit on edc during all core load.

I have the fans at like 600rpm. Temps seem pretty high to me too but I’m not sure what I can realistically do about it. Should I just manually set 1.34? I think that’s what Steve got 4.4 all core with his at. At idle right now I’m sitting at 45c



I think that your cpu core voltage is a bit high?



I’m calling it for tonight. I’d like to see what you can manage if you can find the time. Perhaps I will just have to wait for updates.

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