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Anyone here like to cook?


well its that time of year again! busy a lot in the kitchen canning goods for winter.
Monday it was pickled beets, Tuesday it was pumpkin for pie filling, yesterday it was venison sausage, and today it was low sugar blueberry jam!
tomorrow it will be applesauce.

but i don’t mind it one bit I love canning and cooking,
i guess for next year we are gonna hit the farmers markets hard for veggies to supplement our own garden.
if all goes well for next winter we wont have to buy a lot next winter



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@psycho_666 get in here!

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You must be new to the forum…
Um… Hello, welcome.
The lounge is to the left…
There is a hyouge thread about what people have been eating and in most cases what they have been cooking as well…
Also we share pictures of cooking stuff in the lounge as well…
So yeah.
Also I love cooking…



Way ahead of you :smiley:
When I started typing there were no comments…

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I like cooking too. Not that I’m very good at it and often I don’t have a lot of time. What do you like to cook?

btw: Post pictures of what you ate!

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soon as i get some pics ill post them
new enough yet to not know where everything is quite yet:grinning:



As I said, welcome :slight_smile:
@anon57598049, new cook fella, say HI…
The sink may have some WRONG opinions about pizza, but I have seen him doing some nice stuff in the lounge…

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I help my mom with big holiday dinners sometimes.

I used to cook a lot in high school. Learned how to make soufillet and stuff. It was fun for like french class when we’d bring food in on fridays. I’d always have something to bring in. Then the oven broke 3:

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I love to cook! I don’t frequently take pictures but i guess I’ll do so now lol.



yeah, me neither. @psycho_666 made me start to take pictures :grin:



I love to cook and have several recipes posted here already.

Particularly a fan of grilling, pan frying, and stews/soups.



i cat eat much pizza as the crust tends to make my blood sugar jump quite a bit
but i think i’ll dig out my sauce recipe (WARNING it is expensive to make takes a good amount of time to cook but omg is it ever worth it)
Im an old fashioned cook who hates to prepare and cook things fast!
in my opinion food that takes a long time cooking is much better as flavor’s develop nicely without over-spicing



You should try this

I do something similar with a nice cut of beef (or some beef ribs and soup bones), and extra veggies (carrots, celery, and leeks) to make something similar to Brunswick Stew, but with beef instead of chicken.

Takes 8-10 hours to cook.



You must really love Ciabatta bread…

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thank you for some inspiration ! from my experience to lower some sugars from starches use rice flour… never made rice flour dough
gonna give it a go

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my wife says my home made stuffing and my shrimp scampi is worth fighting for .:rofl:
holiday dinners are my personal favorites i will not allow anyone in the kitchen while im doing a holiday dinner.
try a very rare roast beef roasted and injected with beer and gently spiced.
or a turky injected with butter and apple jelly and slow roasted for 12 hours
literally falls off the bone and is incredibly moist

ha ha ha now i know where this section of the forum is Ill be here a lot!

blueberry jam (sorry for fuzzy pic camera didnt atuo focus well)
crab apple jelly, blackberry jam, and orange marmalade made earlier this year.
and finally pickled beets and pumkin filling.



Ill have to check the rice flour out, I do like to bake a lot and my dad is also diabetic and this may help him too
@anon43920604 thet dish looks good!



i will say 90% of the rice flour dishes are not in the western plate so the taste is now what most expect… bread falls apart and needs to be refrigerated quickly. so be warned … otherwise its normally found in the health food section of most grocery stores. its a tad more expensive but it has a lot of use. personally i make noodles with rice flour a lot… never pizza dough



molasses bbq sauce:
1 cup tomato paste
1/2 cup molasses
1 vidalia onion diced fine
2 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp green Tabasco sauce
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 tbsp olive oil
in a sauce pan brown the onions in olive oil (low heat) until tender
add the remaining ingredients and simmer for about 5 to 8 minutes and serve hot or cold.
excellent for chicken beef or pork.