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Here are a few more same anime but still pretty good
jormungand-chiquita-gif-12 tumblr_neru082uAt1spx5zso2_500


Jormungand is a great show


If you watched all the way to the end you would’ve seen that the 25th episode is an extra. The season itself is done.


I did watch all the way to the end, and we aren’t on episode 24 this was episode 23


Shows how much I paid attention… but yeah, seems the season is done and only extras are left.

This is what tripped me up:


Picked up some blu rays

Also got the Eureka Seven manga I’d been wanting for awhile.


Wtf how have I never heard of tsukigakirei? Def gonna watch that once I finish rewatching Avatar the last airbender


We all loved Tsukigakirei, don’t know where you were


Miss Kobayashi’s’s Dragon Maid is phat. Very phat.


It’s a romance series and yall never told me about it. Savages desu


It’s like the most realistic depiction of teenage romance I’ve ever seen in anime.


It will make a grown man cry.


Yooooooo, next season is gonna be fuckin hype! One punch man season 2. (yes I know it was announced when it was coming out a while ago and I’ve known that, I just got myself hyped up cus I listened to the theme song.)


That’s about 90% of what I watch


So 90% DAT gayshit.

I’ve always loved Tsukigakirei cause it was an emotional trainwreck. And what made it 10x better was that it’s made by a studio called



Hell yeah. Took me a second to realize why the characters looked so familiar lol



oh boi, maybe I need to break my no anime streak


Yeah Hibike Euphonium. Good ol KyoAni.
They also animated Kanata no Kyoukai. :smile:
I already peeled that sticker off.




Thats it, im doing a photo shoot of all the weeb stuff ive accumulated in the past couple of weeks