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before you finally commit sudoku?


Link link link


Some things never change


@Theonewhoisdrunk so is Liz and The Blue Bird different thing from



It seems to be a movie based on past events that take place in middle school while Hibike took place in high school.

Probably better to watch Hibike all the way through.


I’m not going to lie I never heard of it ether now it goes on my anime list.


If teen romance is your thing it’s great, the pacing feels different from your standard romance but it comes off as very down to earth.


Here is my weeb loot for the past couple of weeks:

K-On! Box set



I finally started watching Re:Zero after letting that shit catch dust in my favorites… it’s kinda like Life is Strange but more annoying.


Erased is as close to life is strange as you’ll get in anime

They’re both great


My only gripe with Erased is that they did not adapt 4 or 5 chapters from the manga. Which I felt impacted the story much more. Oh and also the cucklefuckery that occurred when he woke up from his coma.

I mentioned it before but Subarus suffering goes so well with the ED


Same about the spoilers stuff


I like it so far, I don’t to see why people think it’s semi-trash.


Re zero?

I wasn’t aware people thought this was semi trash, people who think this are retards


It was a fairly good show. Probably one of the first MCs in an issekai that isn’t an OP fucker or have some stupid gimmick that gives them magical plot armor. I mean Subaru does but it’s played more like a game with autosave with the HUD disabled.


I hate you so much.


Ram is such a bitch in Re:Zero. Jesus Christ.


This is nuts. Might order from there and give up hope for anime BluRays on Amazon (after all, the ones sold by Amazon are Jap/Ger only).

And that’s used (in “new” condition)…


Too busy giving clown Michael Jackson the succc.


I’m watching the sub. I’m pretty sure the same voice actor for King Gaylord is ironically the same voice actor for Pegasus in the Sub of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Emilia is best girl. ChangeMyMind