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I don’t think so so what does soma’s Dad have jon snow or something?


Want the spoilers?


Not gonna argue that crap shows have always existed, but if you compare seasonal/yearly charts from recent years vs 20 years ago, you’ll see the amount of anime that airs in a season today aired in a year back then. So by statistic alone there technically should be more bad anime…


I mean I guess since we aren’t gettin g any more anime seasons


I think your talking about VRV, but they seem to be quite large now, so you might be thinking about HiDive.

I’m not sure, since I hardly ever use CR, but I hear they’re focusing on VRV which does has loads of content.


While Soma and Megumi are away in a hot spring town to investigate something. Turns out that so-called “Noirs”, chefs of the societal underworld, shut down restaurants after challenging them to a shokugeki. At the same time there’s a new teacher at Totsuki who turns out to not only be the head of those Noirs but also claims to be Asahi Saiba - Joichiro’s son. But he’s just a student of Joichiro’s who he took under his wing during one of his journeys. He’s basically an annoying asshole who’s probably just jealous of Soma being Joichiro’s real son. He also kidnaps Erina and wants her to marry him.
Then there’s this “Blue” cooking contest that’s invite-only (like, if you win it you’re like THE chef). Mostly dominated by Noirs but some Totsuki students are hanging in there (although Eishi - the former 1st seat - gets crushed by Asahi in that tournament and right now Megumi is challenging Asahi to a shokugeki so he’ll stop bothering Erina. Oh, and the “bookmaster” - the top judging dog - is Erina’s mother who - like with her father - aren’t on best terms.
Aside of that all, the Noirs there are a joke. They’re said to have “super-human abilities” and use chainsaws, juggling balls, weird cocktail shakers, finger knives, etc. for cooking. If you thought the former Totsuki Ten Seats are weird, these guys are just nuts. Eccentric is an understatement and mental would be barely enough to describe their whole getup.
At this point I just hope this arc ends soon and the author comes up with something better.


Perhaps in pure quantitative amount yes, which is why I said the percentage of bad vs good is the better statistic to go by rather than just the raw amount. If you had 50 shows and 10 of them were good compared to 20 good shows out of 75, there are more crap shows, but also more good shows (and a higher percentage at that) which is what I was getting at.

Also, the advent of anitube has a large effect on what shows people watch, consider good, and remember as being bad since so many people will take the digibro or gigguk statement on an anime as gospel, when back in the day it was only themselves and maybe a close-knit group of friends’ opinions as to what they considered good or bad.


Yeah I think I was remembering VRV, since whatever it was also had western cartoons available in addition to anime. Looking at them their selection is pretty decent just from searching a handful of things, but there’s still plenty of unlicensed anime out there that are only available via fansub. Not sure I’d heard of hidive.

And yeah it makes sense that more good shows exist now percentage wise, but I don’t watch enough of each season to judge and even then it varies per taste. Each season seems to vary a lot too. This season for example is fairly decent so I’m keeping up with 6 series, though with fall I only completed one, and a few more with the summer season being pretty decent.



Forgot a couple of volumes released in the last two months.
sweetness and lightning Vol 11
The Devil is a Part Timer vol 12
Masamune-kun’s Revenge vol 9
Still debating if I want to pick up the series for the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki chan.

Edit: still have not opened Solo Exchange Diary 2 yet lmfao


Yup, and most of them I won’t end up watching, but if I want to watch one bad enough I will set to the sea, though that is very rare.

I like HiDive quite a bit, but their players still doesn’t have a next button to easily skip the outros.

Have a look at the 1st post some time. We’ve gathered up a lot of great links to a variety of anime related sites.
There’s a list of streaming services too including a couple free ones. Tubi continues to impress me.


Most anime in general you won’t end up watching because you’re “waiting for the dub” :stuck_out_tongue:




They can’t all be winners


Why did today’s episode of the slime anime have credits going like halfway through the episode? Also it felt like that was the last episode but there are still more, so weird how they decided to end that episode.


Probably because it was a closing to an arc or chapter and the next chapter begins the next episode.


bunch soft cookies go not as gud with milk too soft so cant soak long

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Yooooo @Skelterz today’s episode of mob was wack.

Muscle improvement club is best club.


Normally I’d agree, but I just watched Elfen Lied, and I hated that ED with a fiery passion (ruined the ending vibe of so many episodes).
Also HiDive love to have the credits roll after each episode.


Told you it was psychologically fucked in that anime. Kek