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At least eromanga sensei was good trash and gave us quality memes.

oreimo is the devil


you really need to reevaluate what good means


I said good trash, still not something I’d recommend watching

emphasis on trash


Eromanga was good.



Just finished rewatching Claymore and god damn I still loathe Raki in this show. Really wish they would have made a movie and give the series its proper ending.



I hate that series with a burning passion Not only did the MC cut all ties with his childhood friend who had a crush on him forever, but he fucking did that so he could have a temporary relationship with his god damn sister. At first I was cool with this but the retard who wrote this decided that it was an actual relationship but a dumb temporary one until they “get married”. There is way more to this series that I hate but that is the main point I remember and really the only thing I remember.

Oreimo is like 1 of the few, very few series I’ve rated a 3, and I genuinely rated it a 3, it was because of how I felt about it at the end or as a troll kinda thing, I genuinely hate this series with a passion


So there IS stuff you liked about it, eh?


Anything below a 6 is dog shit for me, 1-5 is just how much it managed to piss me off by being so bad.


that doesn’t make any sense, 1 is worst 10 is best and 5 is in between. Your rating system skews everything you don’t hate way too high


Nah my rating system is just for me,

1-5 dog shit
6 bad
7 average (can be broken down to average, bad; average, average; and average, good)
8 is really good
9 is almost perfect, just a few things I would have preferred
10 is best thing ever it is absolutely perfect.

My rating system is for me and only me, can’t compare it with other people’s rating system.


I will determine tomorrow if it’s hot garbage like Eromanga sensei…

In short,

I will give it my all… Tomorrow


That’s like comparing Celsius to Fahrenheit.


It’s not like eromanga sensei, that show was at least enjoyable even though it was garbage, oreimo is just straight garbage from the depths of the devil’s anus that’s not at all enjoyable.


Then how about this one?


That looks like my kind of garbage.



That is on my PTW list lol