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I tried to get into Sword Art Online. After season 1 mega-nope


When your most famous accomplishment in your career is known for being treated as a joke…


Don’t you hate those days when you want to do something but don’t feel like doing anything? Like I don’t want to play video games but I do want to watch anime but I don’t feel like watching any of the anime on my PTW list or watching list.


Lmao, enjoy a good dbz ref


no it didn’t, they were in a coffee shop within five damn minutes


I see you too are a man of culture


I’m not talking about the irl stuff, I’m talking about the story in the fantasy world he is in now, that story started off good then took a dive into a dumpster


Neopets got an anime?


well i disagree


so saw a game called hunt and snare on steam. thought “this some sort of hunting game? lets take a look” and nope its a game about being a furry and having furry sex. wadu hek


I was the same way the first season really irritated me. Then I watched the abridged version and loved that so I just watch that now.


Looks pretty shitty tbh, I just want another game like mirror or more DLC for it.



Alright, so I need help.

Should I rewatch avatar the last airbender for the 12th time or should I rewatch FMA for the second time?


watch something you haven’t seen and expand your damn horizons


Today is one of those days where I want to do something but don’t feel like doing anything, so I won’t find a new series or something on my PTW list to watch today. Gonna have to rewatch something since I will only make it through like 1 or 2 episodes of a new series, I’ve already gone through 3 series and had to stop after a few episodes on each.

I was just leaning towards avatar because of uncle iroh, but then I remembered Winry. fuck this choice is so hard


Lmao, so I’ve noticed this happens to me everytime this happens and I just never shared it here, but whenever there is a brief like 1 second pause (like problems with internet so whatever I’m watching pauses then plays because of a loading problem or some shit) like I freeze up too, it’s so weird. Like I was just watching the first episode of avatar the last airbender and after the opening credits it paused for a little less than a second, but before that I was rocking my chair back and forth and eating a hawaiian roll and then the pause happened and I like froze in time with it, I stopped chewing and stopped rocking.

This happen to anyone else?


I just picked up ‘Oreimo’. And some other anime… I forget the name… I have it on my tablet.

Tomorrow night’s gon be gud


NO PLEASE STOP I BEG YOU NOT OREIMO NOT FUCKING OREIMO, I COULDN’T EVEN HANDLE THAT ONE. Please for the love of god don’t watch this one, this must be the one piece of trash you don’t watch. This series doesn’t even deserve to be called trash, it is below trash.


same creator as Eromanga Sensei