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That and every food anime.


Food Wars intensifies


clothes being ripped off during a foodgasm


I want to have food that good


They probably just put LSD in it.



I thought i could get into Dagashi Kashi since it’s got #plot and #justice but i just couldn’t, too much candy and not enough substance





:pensive: I wish I had a girl like that asking me that IRL. Nobody can ever know the troubles us weebs face on a daily basis


Being a weeb is naturally women repellant. Often comes paired with certain looks too. God wants to keep us pure and untainted by primitive carnal desires 3D girls can’t possibly ever satisfy.


Hi there! Welcome. I’m a new born weeaboo myself. Don’t mind the friendly trash talking that goes on here, we are all nice. :slight_smile:

Stuff I’ve liked:

Dragon Maid
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Ghost in the Shell (movie)
Zombieland Saga
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
High school DxD if you wana see boobs. :smirk:

I know I listed almost my entire completed list from MAL here

Also studi Ghibli makes great movies.

Like others said, if you have a profile like MyAnimeList it would also help us to recommend stuff for you.

@Goalkeeper joins the Anime Club! :partying_face:

Why did w.meri anon himself? Have I missed something? duh obviously I have missed something


he does it all the time, don’t know what his deal is

He finds some really good manga


Hotaru is Love, Hotaru is Life


@TheOnlyLegend don’t feel pressured to start a MyAnimeList. It’s a handy tool, but it’s far from required to join our weeb talk.
@Kat doesn’t have one, and has been with use since the begining of the anime threads.


I think he made a text file lol


Yeah. He did mention it’s not eveything he’s seen. I bookmarked it so I can add it to our list next time I edit it which is a bit over due now.


Lmao look at this dumb dumb head lookin ass retard :joy::joy:


Ah yes the man who brought super aids to anime


Honestly I’m really pissed rn, alicization started off nice but after a few episodes in plummeted into the deepest parts of his shit.