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don’t blame me for your personal failings


Then go ask Kyle on tips for the next blindfolded build.


I honestly don’t know why you were freaking out over it, it’s literally just some depressing hentai manga. If it was some fucked up shit like I thought then yeah but it was just some depressing hentai.


Don’t put a cactus in your ass.


seeing that in mainstream memeing is hilarious


Nope… don’t like sad stuff in general, but absolutely despise it when it is adult entertainment


Excuse me sire

tHaT iS nOt AnImE rElAtEd

StAy oN tOpIc


Forgot to Rip Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower so i’ve got nothing to watch at my mother’s


Lol jokes on you I already fucking sat on a cactus before, not a good idea

Story time

So on a field trip long long ago to spanish point there was a little beach we went to for some reason and I was tired so I went to sit down and I guess there were some really small cactuses growing at the edge of the beach so I juts plopped my ass down on that bitch. Long story short even though I took all the needles out my ass still felt like it had needles in it for the rest of the day.


Forgot I’m going to see I Want to Eat Your Pancreas tomorrow


That’s not what I’m talking about, I meant why didn’t you want me to know what it was?




what have you gained from seeing it? Nothing


Run like Naruto to Kyle-senpai to teach you the forbidden techniques of blindfolded smart-machine creation of a thousand palms, desu.


I didn’t see it, I went to know your memes for a summary


That’s like saying “I read the synopsis for Your Lie in April so I’ve pretty much seen the show”


I’m not saying I read the hentai, I’m saying I know what it is about and it ain’t something worth freaking out about

I’m saying it is just some depressing hentai shit and not some weird fucked up shit with bitches turning into necromorphs and eating yo dick off mid sex then stabbing you with their fucked up bone limbs


you clearly read the wrong synopsis



Nerdy shy girl turned to prostitute

That’s what I got
“The plot follows a teenage girl named Saki who transforms from a nerdy introvert into a drug-addicted, homeless prostitute.”